Turkish Airlines Lost Baggage Policy 

To avoid such situations, Turkish Airlines already has a roadmap and procedure. This Airline cares for its passengers and their luggage but sometimes, due to reasons such as weather, climatic conditions, or human mistakes luggage of passenger get missed. But don’t worry, as there is a lost baggage policy rules, which makes this problem solvable. The following points pertain to the lost baggage policy.

  • If you do not receive your baggage at your destination after landing, then you have to file an application at the Turkish Air Lost and Found office at its airport.
  • Also, if you don’t find your baggage on the delivery conveyors, you must apply to Airline offices at the port. 
  • Until your baggage is delivered to you, keep the tag of your bag and boarding pass safely with you as they will be required in the process.
  • If baggage is found without a baggage tag so it will seem as baggage without tag in the system of the Airline, and if this happens, then the process for identification of the bag is carried out using necessary searches.
  • While checking in, you are always provided with a copy of the baggage tag. Make sure that you have that copy of tag; provide it when asked.
  • Your baggage will be tracked by Turkish Air offices at the route you have traveled during the first five days. 
  • International Baggage Tracking Systems will be one of the helping institutions. 
  • Usually, it takes a time period of 24 hours to identify baggage, and without wasting time, found baggage is delivered to the passengers as soon as possible.
  • But it doesn’t mean that delay can not happen. Undesired delays may happen in delivering times due to technical or any other reasons. 
  • In case your bag doesn’t get identified within a period of five days, then you will be requested to make a detailed and exact list of the belongings you had kept in your lost baggage. If you provide his information, it will help the Airline furthermore keen tracking the baggage.
  • If you leave the airport without collecting you luggage, then you will be responsible for the resulting losses.

Means to contact for lost baggage

You can directly contact  via phone by dialing Turkish Airline Lost Baggage Phone Number 1800-874-8875 or 1 (802) 636-9417 to approach its customer service department to know about your lost baggage. Here the agent may ask you about the characteristics of the baggage. And you have o reply as asked. A baggage tag is also something you need to keep with you. They will start the snooping process for your baggage search, and you will be assured that your baggage will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Via Message:- You can also opt to write a message by visiting the baggage tab at its official site. Write about your missing property as its color, size, or articles inside, and you will be replied soon to get your bag delivered.

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