How Do I Cancel a Flight with Tarom Airlines?

Listed as one of the oldest airlines in Romania, its flag carrier is Tarom Airlines. Headquartered at Henri Coanda International Airport, the airline flies to multiple destinations. If you possess their reservation and due to some issues, if there is any problem you come up with, then you can contact them and get their help. For any sudden cancellation with the booking, you can choose to refer to the said content and avail of the help as per your need at best. 

Tarom Airlines Cancellation Policy

There can be various reasons for which the cancelation can be done. You can simply get go through Tarom Airlines Cancellation Policy, after which cancelation can become easier and simpler. The guidelines of the policy are as follows: 

  • For any reservation, if made seven days prior to the departure date, then you can make the cancellation within 24 hours of the purchase. This policy is applicable to all tickets, irrespective of the fare rules you agree to the booking. 
  • If the booking made is a reservation with business or elite class, then the cancellation shall not cost any extra cancellation fee. You can get a complete refund. 
  • Follow the booking method to cancel the booking, i.e., if the booking is made from a third-party/ travel agency, reach the same for cancelation. If the booking has been made online, cancel the same online. 
  • If the booking has been canceled due to technical reasons or any other reason by the airlines, then you can cancel the ticket and rebook a new flight. 
  • For instance, if there is a death in the family or you are sick, you can cancel and rebook your ticket. 

Tarom Airlines Cancellation Process. 

Post getting the required information about the guidelines, you can then go through the cancellation process by following the given steps: 

  • Skim through to reach the official page of Tarom Airlines, 
  • Tap on the My Booking option and use the booking code and reservation number from the official website that you can land on booking summary page. 
  • Then, from the menu list, click on the cancel option. 
  • Proceed following the on-screen instructions to cancel the flight booking. 
  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation to your registered email address. 

Other than going through the online process to cancel your booking, you can also contact the customer executive of Tarom Airlines and then ask the same to cancel the booking for you. The number you can dial to connect with the customer agent is 1 646 213 9595. You might even choose to send them an email at to get the help they provide so that you can cancel the booking. 

Tarom Airlines Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee for any booking is different from one another. If with the reservation you possess with the airline, you want to know about the cancellation cost, then refer to its fare rules, as it depends on various factors, such as fare rules, travel route, type of booking, etc. 

Conclusion- For more issues with the cancellation process or policy, or other services, you can choose to contact the airline for the help you need, or you can get to visit the webpage for a solution. 

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