What is Singapore Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Sometimes due to intractable reasons, you may miss your flight. In that situation, you would look for either a refund or want to get the very next flight to your destination. If you have a flight with Singapore Airlines and you are also concerned about it, then you must be aware of their missed flight policy. If you look at the Singapore Airlines Missed Flight Policy, most of its provisions are stringent. It is almost very difficult to get compensation from Singapore Airlines. You can follow the given instructions to learn about the missed flight policy of Singapore Airlines:

Missed flight policy of Singapore Airlines

  • If you have been denied boarding by Singapore Airlines due to insufficient capacity or overcrowding, in that case, Singapore Airlines voluntarily asks passengers to surrender their seats in exchange for compensation or board their next flight.
  • If you have been denied boarding on an “involuntary basis,” then they provide you compensation in the following manner:
  • If you have a journey of 1500 K.M. or less, then you are entitled to get a compensation of €250.
  • If you have a journey between 1500 K.M. and 3500 K.M., then you will get a compensation of €400.
  • If you have a journey of over 3500 K.M., then you will be provided a compensation of €600.
  • If you choose to board their next flight, Singapore Airlines will provide you meals, refreshments, hotel accommodation, transport, etc., in the waiting period.
  • If you missed your Singapore flight because of a cancellation from Singapore Airlines, then you will be granted a refund. They may also arrange an alternative flight for you.
  • They will not provide you a refund in case they have informed you 14 days or more before cancellation.
  • If you missed your Singapore flight because you were stuck in traffic or you departed late, Singapore Airlines does not provide compensation in such cases. They have strongly recommended their passengers arrive at the airport three to four hours before your flight’s departure.
  • If there is a death in the family or relations and you cannot board your scheduled flight, in that case, Singapore Airlines provides compensation, but you have to bring the required documents like a death certificate, etc., to the authorities.
  • You will get a refund only on the refundable ticket if you have missed your flight due to cancellation.

Normally, Singapore Airlines only provides compensation when passengers miss their flights because of them. If you have missed the flight because you arrived late at the airport, in that case, you will not be provided any refund. It is very convenient to get compensation with Singapore Airlines. However, some of the provisions of the policies are stringent and therefore make compensation a bit difficult to get.

The process to get compensation when you miss your flights

  • You have to contact the representative at the counter at Singapore Airlines.
  • You have to get a compensation request form from them.
  • Now you have to fill in the form in order to get compensation.
  • Now, you have to submit the form at the counter.
  • You will be provided compensation within seven to ten business days.

Getting compensation from Singapore Airlines is not a very big task. But you have to follow the terms and conditions of their missed flight policy. Some of the terms make compensation very hard to get. You must fill out the compensation request form to get a timely compensation. Normally Singapore Airlines provides a refund within seven to ten business days, but sometimes it may take up to one month.

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