How to Request Wheelchair Assistance on Delta? 

Delta Airlines has made sure that the customers get the best assistance. When it comes to provisioning assistance to a person who is physically disabled, then you only need to ensure that you have followed the correct procedure. Soon, you'll be able to request wheelchair assistance or any other kind of assistance you require. 

The best way to request wheelchair assistance is to ask while making the booking. You'll get the option to make wheelchair assistance at the time of the reservation. Now rest assured that the service of a wheelchair will be there for you in advance when you reach the Airport. 

If you have made your booking, you also don't need to worry about the assistance you need. Make it certain that you have followed the procedure through the Manage booking option. Then you're not going to face any issues. 

Below you can go through several different options. Then you'll be able to make the request you have looking forward to making. 

While making the booking? 

At the initial stage when you're making the booking, that is undoubtedly the best time to request the wheelchair service. For that, you only need to ensure that you have selected the options mentioned below on the official website of Delta Airlines. 

  • Access the official website. 
  • Now nee to select the option of booking on the homepage. 
  • Enter the booking details. 
  • Select choice of search. 
  • You'll come across the list of flights. 
  • Choose a suitable flight, and now you need to choose the options relevant to your query. 
  • Select the option of "Physically disabled" and then select the option of "Wheelchair Assistance." 

That is it. Now you only need to proceed further with the payment method. Once that has happened, you'll be able to move further and save the confirmation email you received on the registered email address.  

Contact the customer support: 

Contacting customer support is undoubtedly the easiest way to connect with customer support. You only need to ensure that you have chosen the steps given below. 

Speak to the customer support staff 

You need to call the official number of Delta Airlines. You'll come across several options on the IVR menu. You need to ensure that you have selected the option of "Manage Booking." Once that has happened, you'll be able to speak to the agent dedicated to helping you out with your particular query. 

Contact the staff of the Delta Airlines at the Airport:

Once you have reached the Airport, you can connect with the staff of Delta Airlines at the Airport. Then you'll make sure that you get the best assistance. Ensure that you have kept it as a last resort because your priority should be to Request Wheelchair Assistance on Delta online. 

Make changes to your reservation later: 

Yes, you can make the changes to your reservation later on. For that, you only need to ensure that you have chosen the steps given below. 

  • Access the official website of Delta. 
  • Tap the option of "Manage to book." 
  • Enter the booking reference number and the name of the passenger. 
  • That is it. You'll come across your booking. 

Now you can open your booking and choose the option of wheelchair assistance in it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I add special assistance to Delta?

Delta offers you a Special assistance service where they assist you with your mobility needs throughout your travels; there are different ways through which You can request the Airline for the special assistance service, such as asking the live human to add Special Assistance Delta Airlines as per the requirement, as you can select the option of the assistance from the following.

  • Add special assistance through a call: You can call the customer support of Airline by calling on Delta's special assistance phone number, 404-209-3434, and request the human resent on the call to also provide you with the special assistance service and help you with the further procedure.

  • Add the special assistance service through the website: You can also add the special assistance service through the website of Qatar Airways, as after the booking procedure, you get the option to add the special service; you can tap on it and head by completing all the further procedures, and the Airline will avail it for you.

  • Get the assistance at the Airport: Suppose you have failed to add special assistance service through the website of the Airline. In that case, you can request it at the Airport by speaking with customer support located at the Delta help desk give your required information and ask the human to provide you with assistance.

Q. How do I add disability to my Delta flight?

There are different modes with the help of which you can add the disability to your Delta flight, as you can get it done through a phone call by telling the human about the assistance request, or else you can step ahead through the website of the Airline to know the procedure to avail the special assistance through the website of the Airline read below steps.

  • Head to Delta Airlines' official web page.
  • Then, on my trip page, mention all the details.
  • Complete the process for your Delta flight booking.
  • There, you get the option to add the special assistance service.
  • Tap on it and fill out a form under the wheelchair disability category.
  • Give all the necessary details and required documents. 
  • There, the Airline will provide special service at the airport gate.

Q. What is a Delta special service request? 

Suppose you need extra assistance on your Delta flight. In that case, you can request special services, including a medical device, special sitting, or any disability. If you want to get a wheelchair or have hearing or low/blind vision, for all these services, you can request special services at my trip page on the Delta official website and fill out the special request form by filling out all the required information in the given space.

Q. Does Delta charge for wheelchair assistance?

If you are adding wheelchair assistance with your Delta flight ticket, then you do not have to pay any extra charges to the Airline for the special service cost, as Arline does not charge any additional fee for wheelchairs, as they are considered under the carry on baggage, but there are certain terms and condition of the Airline regarding the wheelchair assistance, make sure you go through them by reading out the condition mentioned on the Airline website before you head with the service, 

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