How do I request special assistance from Singapore Airlines?

Singapore airlines do offer special assistance to travelers who need and require it as far as light reservations are concerned. One can communicate with the reservations department at the airline to get instant solutions or some special assistance. People are able to communicate with the customer service team working at Singapore airlines for added customer support. 

Singapore airlines travelers can request special assistance on Singapore Airlines by accessing the available options for special assistance. 

  • Access the special assistance option via filling the special assistance form online.
  • Talk to a representative from the customer service department at the airline for added support and assistance. 
  • Request special assistance at the airport. 

Passengers are able to request special assistance as far as their travel requirements are concerned about navigating to the official website where they are able to file for special assistance for their travel needs. Here is a step-by-step guide that one can follow in order to request special assistance with their flight bookings: 

  • First and foremost, navigate to the official Singapore airlines website in order to initiate a special assistance request. Visit
  • Once you are on the homepage, you can easily spot the ‘special assistance’ tab online by scrolling down on the homepage. 
  • Access the ‘Get Help’ option and you can find ultimate assistance for your travel needs. 
  • Next, select the ‘Special Assistance’ option on the screen. 
  • A new list of options will appear on the screen, where people can select any of the following options: (i) wheelchair to ramp, (ii) portable oxygen concentrators, (iii) meet and assist, and (iv) others. 
  • A new message box will appear on the screen if you select the other option. Post your message for special assistance and also mention certain details on the form such as your booking reference number along with your last name and hit the submit option. 
  • You will get an auto-generated message on your registered email address at Singapore airlines.

How can I request special assistance via customer support? 

Travelers can get instant support with their flight reservations or can request special assistance with their flight bookings by accessing the customer service options available on the page. One can communicate with the reservations department at the airline by following the several contact options available online at Singapore airlines. 

  • Visit the official website to get the contact details to connect with someone from the customer service department at the airline. 
  • One can get the local Singapore airlines office number in order to reach a custom support department at the airline for special assistance for your flight booking. 
  • Dial +65 6407 5332 or +1 (802) 636-9417 the contact number to get instant assistance with your flight reservations. Select the special assistant option on the page. 
  • Connect with a concerned executive from the special assistance department at Singapore airlines after a short while. 
  • Discuss your special assistance needs with the executive and grab special assistance for your flight. 

All PPS Club members are able to request a callback via the customer support option via the Singapore air mobile application. Open the mobile application and select the PPS Connect callback option for optimum assistance. 

People can also drop an SMS message on the following contact number to get optimum support with their flight reservations. Type “PPS<space><PPS Club membership number> and send it to +6591848888.

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