Get all the details about Qatar Airways Missed Flight Policy 

Qatar airways is known for providing best services and customer friendly policies to its customers but when it comes to miss flight, the airline is helpless to support you. This is the reason it is said to reach airport on time or cancel out before your flight take off. Here we have covered all the details about Qatar Airways Missed Flight Policy, you can go through it for a better understanding.

The missed flight policy of Qatar Airways

As per the missed policy of Qatar Airways, if you fail to reach the airport on time this causes the no-show.

In case a passenger is a no-show on flight, all down-line segments of that particular itinerary will be cancelled

Now show also applies for the following reason

When a traveller fails to use the reserved accommodation for any reason other than misconnection.

When traveller denied to check in due to not having passport, visa, etc 

When the connection is delayed and passengers fail to show before the gate is closed the no-show is applied, here  the entire itinerary is present in one or conjunctive QR documents.

A traveller fails to change or cancel his/her flight 3 hour before the scheduled departure

No- show will be considered when rebooking is done either within 3 hour before departure or after departure of flight as mentioned in the e-ticket 

Also where the original reservation is cancelled before the no-show condition, whereas the new booking is made after the departure of flight ,QR reservation and Ticketing staff might perform a manual transaction to avoid the no-show collection

No-Show charge:- 

It is charged when the passenger  fails to use reserved accommodation, either because he/she fails to arrive at the airport.

No-show online checked in passengers:-

For bookings which are created in a non-Amadeus GDS system, when a customer already performed the online check-in but later decides to cancel the reservation 3 hours before the departure of a flight. Here although the agent cancels the reservation , the passenger not offload from the flight will be considered as a no-show passenger.

Travel agents are required to contact the nearest QR office, who then liaise with receptive airport personnel to make sure that passengers get offloaded from Qatar airways departure control system (DCS) and the particular segments can be canceled by the agent within respective GDS.

Any non-compliance for the above requirement can result in an ADM raised.

After going through the Qatar airways missed flight policy, you must be aware of how important it is to cancel your flight before departure. So let check out the procedure of cancelling Qatar Airways  flight.

How to cancel a Qatar Airways flight ticket before No-Show?

You can cancel your flight online and offline by calling contact center. For online procedure check out the steps below.

  • Go to the Qatar Airways official website

  • Locate manage by booking option on homepage

  • Retrieve you booing detailed by entering the required details

  • Select the booking ,you wish to cancel and click on the cancel reservation option

  • Follow the self explanatory instructions to complete your cancellation process

  • Pay the cancellation fee if applied

In this way you can cancel the flight before No-Show and avoid being charged a no-show fee.

You must be clear now about  Qatar airways missed flight policy and how you can avoid a no-show fee. You can also speak to the reservation department if you need any additional information or have any issue.

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