How can I Make a Group Booking on Qantas airways?

You can make a group booking on Qantas airways through their digital platform, where you need to fill out the form; after that airline will let you know about the availability and guide for further process. The airline also provides benefits if you travel in a group you can go through in this article. Qantas Airways has policies that will help you safely and securely book a trip with your loved ones safely and securely.

Here are the Qantas group booking policies 

  • You can bring up to 10 people in group booking tickets in case it is a sports team, conference, or incentives, but you need more than ten members to contact the Qantas airline authority.
  • During group booking, you cannot check in through the airport, but online check-in will not be allowed for you.
  • During group booking, you need to select the seats serial-wise in a row, not on an alternative basis. 
  • In case of group seat block, at the Qantas airline, the travel agent can pre-reserve the group passengers within the allocated group block for free of cost via the official site of Qantas four days prior to the departure of the flight. 
  • If in case you have not allocated a seat, then the airline automatically allocates the seats to the passengers according to their availability.
  • The airline allowed their passengers to remove group seat blocks through the Qantas group travel website; it is possible in case you do not wish to be located.
  • In case there is no seat block, then the passengers in the group need to be pre-seated manually at the airport during check-in.
  • The airline does not guarantee you can change the seats even after boarding the flight due to some safety and security reasons. 
  • The selection of seats is not transferable to other customers.
  • The airline does not provide advanced seating arrangements for all types of Qantas flights and aircraft.
  • If the passenger has updated the seat to a higher class due to some safety and security purposes, then the seat selection is non-refundable.

Sometimes airlines charge for the seat selection; the customers who fall into this category are mentioned below.

  • If the customer changes his mind and cancels his initial seat selection from both outside and inside the group block, then the airline may charge some amount for the reselection of the seat.
  • If you have made a reservation with a travel agent and the travel agent has not selected the seats in their GDS.

These are some policies regarding group booking at Qantas mentioned above, and now you need to go through the Qantas airways group bookings procedure. There are two ways: either you can make a request online or call customer service for a group inquiry on the toll-free number available on the contact us page on the airline's official website.

Otherwise, follow the below-written procedure.

  • You need to visit the official site of Qantas Airlines.
  • Then move to the reservation page and click on group booking.
  • The form will open, enter the travel details and group details and submit it to the airline.
  • Qantas will respond with quotations and availability.
  • At last, you need to choose your suitable option according to your timing and budget and then make payment through different modes of payment.

You will receive a reservation confirmation mail on your registered email id.

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