Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy.

All major airlines over the globe understand that the prices for air travel can be overbearing. If the need to cancel an air ticket arises, the situation can be challenging for the commuters. 

Such scenarios where our travel plans can change are unpredictable, and so the options to cancel and get a refund over such pricey tickets can be a relief to flyers. If you have a booking with Philippine Airlines, going through Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy before canceling that reservation can be helpful. The next sections deal with the process of cancellations and refunds for a Philippine Airline booking.

What is the Philippine Airlines cancelation policy?

Tickets canceled within 24 hours from the booking, irrespective of whether they are refundable, will not invite any cancellation charges.

  • The cancelations done within 24 hours of booking are eligible for a full refund. 
  • A cancelation fee may have to be paid for a cancelation after 24 hours from booking. The amount of such fee depends upon the route, destination, and flight booking class.
  • Refundable tickets are eligible for a refund even after 24 hours of the cancelation. The refund amount will be the total price of the booking minus the cancelation fee.
  • The refund will be reflected in the bank account from which the booking was paid for within 21 days.
  • Those who paid using credit or debit cards may get a refund in 7-10 days.

How to cancel and raise a refund for my Philippine flight reservation?

One should know that the cancelations and refunds will be processed by the vendor from which the ticket was bought. If you got your flight booked from a third-party vendor, you would have to contact the same vendor to cancel and get refunds. Those who bought the tickets directly from Philippine Airlines can cancel and raise a refund claim through the official Philippine Airlines website or mobile application.

  • Refunds will be processed only after a confirmed cancelation of the flight reservation.
  • To cancel your flight reservation, get your browser up and running and reach the website of Philippine Airlines.
  • Hover your cursor above the “Manage Booking” field on the top of the page, and click on “Booking status.”
  • The Manage booking page will load and ask you to fill in the details of your reserved ticket.
  • After filling in the details, use the “Send” button, and the page will load the flight itinerary associated with the reservation.
  • On this flight-itinerary page, click on “Cancel” and confirm the cancelation. If the page prompts you to pay any charges, go ahead and complete the payments.
  • An email will be sent to you confirming the cancelation of the cited flight reservation.

Once the cancelation is confirmed, you can raise a refund claim immediately, as it will ensure the refund reaches you soon enough.

  • Get to the “Manage Booking” page as described above and click on the “Refund request” option this time.
  • The browser will load a refund form. Fill in the details and use the “Send message” option to raise the request successfully.

The details about the time the refund will take to reach you are described in the Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy. If the website is not accessible for some reason, you can use the Mobile application of Philippine airlines or call their customer support for assistance.

How to contact Philippine Airlines customer support?

The Philippine Airlines customer support details are available on the Philippine Airlines website. You can access these details and dial the contact number to reach out to a Philippine agent and resolve your concerns.

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