Can I Change my Flight with Pegasus Airlines?

Passengers who have decided to book the budgeted airline to Turkish can buy a Pegasus Airlines ticket. The airline offers flexible terms and conditions that allow you to change the flight. So, if your holiday or business plan changes, you can easily modify your ticket to reach your destination. However, you are required to adjust your ticket within the specific time frame. Let’s find out more about the Pegasus Airlines Flight Change Policy to guide you. 

Pegasus date change guidelines

Ensure you are following these instructions only then you are eligible for a flight change: 

  • The Pegasus change flight policies state that flyers aren’t allowed to modify the date within 24 hours before the flight schedule. 
  • The airline doesn’t permit the same-day flight change. 
  • Ticket modification is only possible when space is available on the scheduled flight. 
  • Moreover, seat changes can be tolerated after paying the change fee. The airline charges fees based on the booking type and class. 
  • When a reservation is made through a travel agency or third party, you can’t request to adjust the date of your trip. 
  • Factors affecting the change fee are booking type, cabin type, reservation mode, and reason.

In case you have any issues related to the Pegasus Airlines Flight Change Policy, contact customer support. Visit the website of the airline. 

Pegasus Flight Change Fees

Generally, passengers need to pay around $ 200 to $ 400. After check-in, you can make the changes to your ticket. If you adjust the ticket within 24 hours of buying the tickets, passengers will not be charged any cost. 

How can I change my flight online? 

Flyers can easily change their flight 24 hours online. So follow the simple guide shared below: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Select the Manage My Booking. 
  • Enter your PNR number and Surname. 
  • Click on the Next button. 
  • Choose the flight and select the flight change. 
  • Adjust your details and hit the Submit button. 

You can check the ticket details on your registered mail id. In case you have any issues dial the Pegasus phone number. 

How do I speak to the Pegasus representative? 

Passengers can change their flights with the support of the agents at the airport or through customer support. 

At the airport

You have to reach the terminal mentioned on your ticket. After connecting with the agents, you need to share the details of your ticket, and the changes will be done immediately. 

Customer support Number 

If you can’t visit the airport, the easiest way is to dial the phone number 0090 850 250 67 77. The service is approachable around the clock. Make sure you follow the IVR instructions to connect with the right representative. 

Can flights be changed once booked?

The airline allows you to reschedule the flight. However, you need to pay the change fee based on your fare and ticket type. 

How can I change my flight date for free?

Pegasus Airlines let you make the changes without paying any cost if the ticket details are modified within 24 hours. 

Follow the airline on social media to get deals to book cheaper tickets. Visit the website for more details. 

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