How do I Cancel a Flight Ticket with Pegasus Airlines?

Booking your tickets for the upcoming journey with Pegasus Airlines is not that hard, but the cancellation might be a bit difficult. If you have booked flight tickets with the Airlines and now, because of some emergency or reasons, you need to cancel them, then you must be looking for the best procedure through which the pegasus airlines flight cancellation can be made. However, not just the procedures, you also need to know the policy and some of the main points mentioned in this policy. We will talk about everything related to Pegasus Airlines flight cancellation further.

What is the Cancellation Policy of Pegasus Airlines?

Before you go for a cancellation of Pegasus Airlines tickets, it is necessary that you get enlightened about their cancellation policy. Through this, you will have to face fewer difficulties during the cancellation process:

  • To avoid paying cancellation charges at Pegasus Airlines, you must cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If the Pegasus Airlines tickets are refundable, they will be entitled to a full refund from the Airline.
  • The refund request needs to be made immediately after the cancellation and on the official website of the Airline.
  • If you have bought non-refundable tickets, a refund will not be provided. But you can get a refund for applicable charges and government taxes.
  • Any refund requests will not be accepted after the departure of the Pegasus flight.
  • A cancellation fee will not be required in case of any medical conditions, and you can also request a refund.
  • For any medical reason or demise at home, you need to submit the concerned documents, as only then the refund request will be accepted.
  • Cancellations taking place after the check-in are required to pay the full ticket fare as a cancellation cost.
  • If Pegasus Airlines have canceled your ticket because of technical issues, overbooking, flight delays, weather conditions, etc., then they will refund the ticket amount with compensation.
  • If there have been 3 to 4 hours of delays in your flight and you missed the connecting flight, request a refund, and the Airline will compensate you for the inconvenience.
  • The cancellation charges at Pegasus Airlines depend on the class, route, and time of cancellation.

How to cancel Pegasus Airlines tickets?

You can cancel your flight ticket without contacting the customer service of the Airline. With a simple online procedure, the cancellation can be done. Manage Booking also allows you to access the ticket details and updates. Following the procedure mentioned below will make it easier for you to cancel the tickets:

  • Visit the official website of Pegasus Airlines.
  • Click on Manage My Bookings at the top and write the PNR (reservation number) and the surname of the passenger.
  • Navigate to Menu and then select Cancellation and Refund from the given options.
  • Follow further instructions and cancel the flight ticket.
  • Pay the cancellation charges if required, and the cancellation number will be sent to you at the registered email address.

Can I cancel Pegasus flights on call?

Yes, the flights can be canceled by contacting the customer service of Pegasus Airlines. You just have to dial 011 90 850 250 6777, the customer service contact number, and ask the executives to cancel the ticket by providing them with all the required details.

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