All about LATAM Airlines Pet Policy

Our pets are our family, and we never want to leave them behind. Latam understands your affection for the pets and provides all possible options to travel with them. If you have a reservation with Latam Airlines and are travelling with your pets, you must know about the Latam airlines pet policy. Here we have covered all about the Latam Airlines terms and conditions for travelling with pets, which you can go through to avoid any hassle.

Latam airlines pet policy 

Pet reservations

If you are travelling with pets, you must inform the airline at least 48 hours before the flight. The pet service is subject to availability; you must request it as soon as you book your flight by calling the customer support team of Latam Airlines. 

Besides that, you need a certification from a veterinarian, issued up to 10 days before the departure of your flight. The certificate should include information that your pet is in good health to travel.

Pets in the cabin

Your pet dogs or cats, along with the carrier, must not exceed 15lbs(7 kg) to enter the cabin. The pet should be older than eight weeks or over four months when you fly to the United States.

Pets in Checked baggage

Dogs and cats older than eight weeks can fly in the aircraft held on Latam flights. If you travel on routes to/from Europe, Oceania, Argentina, and Aruba or with IB, BA, QF, and AC, the maximum weight for your pet and the carrier should be 70 lbs (32kg).

The maximum weight should be around 100 lbs (45 kg) for the other destinations. With Latam airlines, you can transport two adult dogs of the same size, with a maximum weight of 30 lbs ( 14kg) each, and three puppies of the same litter, around six months old, in the same carrier.

If you travel with Latam airlines, pets under 50 lbs ( 23 kg) are considered small pets. Pets between 50 - and 70 lbs ( 24-to 32 kg) are considered medium pets, whereas pets between 72-and 100 lbs(33-to 45 kg) are considered large pets.

Carrier Guidelines

If you travel with animals in the cabin, hard-sided carriers should have a maximum dimension of 14" x 13" x 7.5" (36 cm x 33cm x 19cm), and soft carriers should have a maximum dimension of 14 "x 13" x 9" (36 cm x 33 cm x 23 cm).

The carrier should be sturdy and strong enough, solid, waterproof, well ventilated, absorbent floor, large for the animal, and secure.

The carrier should have open ends, holes in the walls, and spacer bars to protect the baggage.

The cage should be at least twice as wide as an animal and long enough to allow pets to lie down without touching sides.


Latam airlines ensure a safe journey for your pets; hence short-muzzled breeds of dogs and cats are not allowed to fly in the cabin or the aircraft's hold. Besides, some breeds of dogs are also restricted from travelling with Latam Airlines. You can find out the details on the airline's official website, or you can also speak to the customer support team of Latam Airlines. 

So by going through the LATAM Airlines Pet Policy above, you can fly with your pets on Latam airlines anytime without any hassle. Besides, if you need any additional information or have any doubt, speak to the Latam airlines executive directly or visit the airline's website online.

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