How to Use your Air France Miles for Flights

The miles are the key or a successor provided to the passengers to help them buy flight tickets or other amenities from Air France before your travel, or you can also use them at the airport before your flight departure. Further, in that case, you just have to log in to your miles account with the correct credentials before your booking starts, and at the payment time, you will quickly and easily know the process to use Air France miles.  

Therefore, the miles you will earn only if you are a loyalty program member at Air France or you have an elite airline membership because these are the services that not only provide the extra miles after every booking. But also helps you avail yourself of the mile points so that for your next booking, you can Use Your Air France Miles for Flights and get heavy discounts if you carry a good amount of miles into your account.

Buy tickets via Air France Miles:

You can redeem Air France miles to buy tickets for your family and friends. These are the extra reward points provided to passengers to buy tickets conveniently, and in case you need to know how to use them, follow the below steps.

  • To use Air France miles, you must visit the Air France site.
  • After that, you need to book your flight ticket. 
  • You must select specific sections and fill them with necessary details like destination, date and time, class, and many more. 
  • Once you select the ticket per your preference, you need to move to the payment page.
  • Note that, before payment, you must log in to your miles account if you need to use miles.
  • Here on the payment page, you will select the miles icon.
  • Ahead to which, you will have to enter the mile reference code or a number and continue 
  • At last, you will have to complete your payment and receive a confirmation email of booking on your registered id with a full summary.

Buy food and Beverages:

If you want to add food and beverages to your itinerary, then you can smoothly Use Your Air France Miles for Flights and ticket food and beverage amenities. For this, you need to go to manage booking and then hit the edit button and select add meals if available, or you can contact a customer service representative for help. If you get the option, you will have to avail it and choose miles and add necessary information as prompted on the screen. After that, go to add miles and select accordingly.

Upgrade seat via Air France Miles:

In addition, passengers can upgrade their seat or class with miles because this is a significant way to upgrade class on Air France, and you will get your ticket at a lower price.

Henceforth, in that case, you are still left with specific questions like how to Use Your Air France Miles for Flights or how many I have miles left in my account. You should contact the Air France customer service representative via phone and get in touch with them to discuss your issues and get the best solutions. 

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