How to Upgrade on Air France?

There are situations when suddenly your plans change, sometimes you have to cancel your flight, miss it, or upgrade. You might have wanted an upgraded flight ticket, but because of unavailability, you could not. Therefore, to upgrade your Air France upgrade to business class, you must know about the Airline's policy for the same. We will also discuss the ways through which you can upgrade your flight tickets. If you are enlightened enough about the Air France ticket upgrade, it will become easy for you to upgrade your ticket to business class.

The flight upgrade policy of Air France:

To have stress-free upgrades, you must be enlightened about the terms, and conditions of the Upgrade policy of Air France. Some of these guidelines of the policy are mentioned below:

  • If you are a member of the Frequent Flyer Program of the Airline, Flying Blue, you will not have to pay the upgrade charges. But the fare difference will be applicable.
  • Ensure you upgrade your flight tickets within 24 hours of purchasing the tickets; otherwise, you might have to pay the upgraded charges.
  • If there is availability, your ticket will get upgraded automatically if you have chosen the auto-upgrade option at the time of booking.
  • Upgrading your flight ticket to premium economy costs $30 to $90 per person; to Business class, the cost ranges from $400 to $900.
  • You can also upgrade your flight tickets with miles, subject to availability and ticket conditions.
  • If you are doing a Last minute upgrade Air France or after the check-in, you have to pay the higher upgrade charges, including the fare difference.
  • The charges for upgrades also depend on the class, destination, and time of the ticket upgrade.
  • With the upgrade, you can access the facilities that come with it, such as comfortable seats, better food choices, premium service on board, access to lounges, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, etc.

Follow the below procedure to Upgrade your ticket:

Upgrade the ticket at Manage Booking: There are many benefits that you can avail from Manage Booking, such as updates on your flight, changing or upgrading flight, cancellations, requesting refunds, etc. Follow the below procedure to upgrade your ticket:

  • Visit the official website of Air France.
  • Click on "My Bookings," available at the top.
  • Search for your flight by filling up your Booking Reference and Last Name.
  • Your flight details will be open. Go to the Menu and pick "upgrade" from the "flight" section. 
  • Follow the further instructions and pay for the upgrade charges.
  • You will receive the new ticket at your registered email address.

Get to the Airport help desk for upgrade: Upgrading the ticket does not require much effort. You have to get to the help desk of the airport and ask the customer executive to upgrade your flight by giving the required documents:

  • Get to the Airport help desk at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight.
  • Provide all the important documents such as a ticket, passport, government issued photo identity, etc.
  • Ask the customer executive to upgrade your flight and pay for it.
  • They will give you the upgraded ticket.

The above information will help you upgrade your flight ticket without any trouble. In case of any problem, get to the official webpage of Air France.

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