How to Get a Mobile Boarding Pass on United Airlines?

As we all know, In this Fast and busy world, technology has made our life much easier, and 

Whenever we board a flight, you have to stand in a long queue. And Boarding pass is an essential thing while boarding a flight as it contains all Basic Information about the passenger such as Their Name , Photo Identity, Flight information, Date, and Departure time of flight. So to make this process smooth Airlines came up with e-check-in and mobile boarding passes.

Different Ways To Get Your Mobile Boarding Pass 

Download Boarding Pass From Official Website: 

You can visit the official website of United Airlines to download a mobile boarding pass and check in very easily from the official website of United Airlines, As they provide this service which is very convenient for the flyers and make their journey more pleasurable.

You can check in 24 hours prior to your departure time. 

How to E-Check-In And Download Mobile Boarding Pass  

  • Go to the Official Website of United Airlines 
  • Click on the My Trips Button
  • Enter your ticket number and your last name 
  • Go to online check in which is available 24 hours prior to your departure time.
  • After entering all your details you will see your boarding pass
  • Click on Download your boarding pass.

You can also print your boarding pass for smoother check-ins and no waiting in queue to get your boarding pass.

Downloading Boarding Pass Of United Airlines Mobile Application - 

You can download and access your flight details, check-ins, and boarding pass from the United airlines application and it is very simple and easy to use, United Airlines made sure that every smartphone user can access this application for free of cost and it is available on every major platform such as android google play store and ios app store so it can reach to every audience.

Below Are The Steps To Download a Boarding Pass Of United Airlines Via phone - 

  • Download the application of United Airlines from their official website you will find the link to download the application for your device.
  • Install the Application on your smartphone
  • Launch the application
  • Login with your registered mobile number or email address and after entering the verification code you will be logged in and you can access all the features of the application.
  • Go to My Trips and enter your ticket number and your last name
  • You will see the option to check-in and click on that you will see your boarding pass.
  • You can also save it in your application of United Airlines.

With a mobile application you don’t even need to download your boarding pass you can just show your bar code of boarding pass gate and you are good to go. This makes the experience very smooth and convenient.

This should solve your query about how to download Mobile Boarding Pass for United Airlines, If you still have any queries you can contact the Customer Care Of United Airlines by visiting the official website of United Airlines.

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