How To Get American Airlines Boarding Pass On Your Phone

The most important document that a flight passenger will need is the boarding pass. It's an official document that allows the passenger to board the flight. This document is given to the customers at the check-in counter at the airport. Essentially, you can find your flight date and time, your name, seat number, departure terminal, boarding gate number, and flight number on the boarding tickets. All this information helps identify your flight details and make sure that you board the correct flight. 

Everything about this document is important, except for one thing, the long boarding queue at the airline counter. Reaching the airport on time has its benefits; however, there is one specific reason why passengers wish to reach it so early. It is to avoid the long queue they encounter at the boarding counter. This process can sometimes last for long hours, leading to longer waiting hours and sometimes, delays in departure. 

To ease this situation, American Airlines has come up with the idea of an online boarding pass. This mobile boarding pass for American Airlines removes the hassle of getting through the long queues and speeds up the boarding process. 

Steps To Get Mobile Boarding Pass

Through the website 

In order to access your boarding pass through this method, you need to log into your account after reaching the official website. 

  • Visit and select the 'Email with Mobile Option' from the 'Mobile and App' tab on the homepage. 
  • On this page, you will see different options regarding the boarding pass. Select the 'Email with Mobile' option. 
  • After this, the website will send an automated mail to your registered email. This email contains your digital boarding pass.
  • Open the mail and download the boarding pass. 

Now with this boarding pass, you can skip the airport boarding process. 

Through the Mobile App

  • Log into the AA app with the registered credentials.
  • To get the mobile boarding pass for American Airlines, you need to open the service section under the menu.
  • Open the mobile boarding service and select the flight whose boarding pass you wish to load. 
  • Confirm and download the boarding pass directly into your mobile. 

Now you have your boarding pass on the go. 

In both cases, passengers must make sure that the barcode is visible on the screen and can be scanned at the time of check-in. 

If you have booked your ticket through a travel agency, then you need to connect with the respective agent and ask them to provide you with the digital pass. Only they can access your booking since they originally booked it. 

Before you download the mobile boarding pass for American Airlines, make sure that the airport you are bound to depart from accepts a digital boarding pass. Although most of the airports accept this form, there are still some airports that don't. You can figure this out from the same webpage. 

Open the 'Mobile and Boarding' section from the home page. On this new page, a link is visible at the end, it reads, "Does my airport accept mobile boarding passes?" click this to know if you can use the digital boarding pass at the airport. 

For further clarification and help, please connect with the AA support executive through the help section. The staff is active 24/7 and will address your issue with perfection. 

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