A Quick Guide to Call Delta Airlines from Peru

Delta has always been considered to be one of the customer-friendly airlines. It provides support to its passengers that include both inflight services and customer support services.

There are various ways through which you can contact Delta Airlines, but most of the users wish to reach the Airline through a phone number.

In the forthcoming section, we will discuss the detailed procedure on how you can reach Delta through phone number. The other options to reach the Airline are also described in brief, so continue reading.

The process to call Delta Airlines through a phone number from Peru:

The procedure to connect Airline via phone number is easy if followed carefully by the passengers. 

  • Dial the phone number of Delta Airlines provided on the Official website. You can choose from the list of phone numbers according to your query and the region that is mentioned on the website.
  • Delta provides different phone numbers for sales and services, refunds, baggage, vacation, etc.
  • If you wish to contact from Peru, then Delta Airlines Peru Phone Number can be used: 1 800 221 1212 or 1 800 241 4141
  • After that, you will be connected to a computer-generated voice that will provide you with different options to select from in order to proceed further. The options can be:
  • Press 1 To manage your booking
  • Press 2 For flight cancellation and refund request
  • Press 3 For baggage-related issues
  • Press 4 For special assistance
  • Press # Exit from the menu.

Since it is the most preferred way to communicate with the Airline, there might be chances that you end up finding a busy network. In that case, you can proceed to request a callback from the Airline. The procedure is as follows:

Procedure to request a callback from Delta Airlines: 

To avoid waiting for a very long duration, this option can be chosen by the customers. It saves time for the customers. So you can request a callback following the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Begin your request by visiting the official delta airlines website.
  • Now, you will see on the top of the menu bar the contact us section 
  • On selecting it, you will come across the help section; click it.
  • After reaching the help section, customers are requested to tap on more options.
  • In those options, you will find a request callback tab on it.
  • You can describe your preferred time slot and time availability. So the representative gets back to you according to your set preferences.

After the customers click the “callback request” option, the request will reach the airlines, and you will receive a callback from the customer support representative as soon as possible, and they will guide you to resolve your problem.

You can get in touch with the Delta airline representative also by using their official website in the following way:

  • Visit the official Delta website
  • Click on the help center.
  • Scroll down to fill out the feedback/complaint form and select the option.
  • login with your credentials and proceed to choose one of the following alternatives:
  • Submit general feedback
  • File a baggage claim
  • Submit delta vacations feedback

Fill in all the information on the next page, including your name, booking reference number, contact information, etc.

  • Finally, click submit.
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