How to Call the American Airlines Call Center? 

American Airlines is a reputed airline that has maintained its goodwill for its comfortable and reliable flights and helpful customer services. There are a number of customers who have several confusions in their minds while making flight reservations. Calling American Airlines call centers can not only eliminate these doubts but also provide the required information to callers. If you have never contacted American Airlines before and you are not aware of the procedure to call the airline, then you are required to read the information given below to get assistance easily. 

The procedure to call American Airlines call center: 

Those customers who want to get through American Airlines call center to eliminate their travel-related troubles can refer to the following steps to use the calling approach:

  • First of all, dial the official American Airlines Call Center number: 800-433-7300 or 1-870-432-7300, Spanish: 800-633-3711 or +1-802-255-7694.
  • When the call gets in contact with an automated voice, you must listen to instructions carefully, and to get in touch with a live airline representative, you must tap on one number from the following IVR menu:

Press 1: To book tickets

Press 2: To make flight changes

Press 3: To cancel your reservation

Press 5: For seat selection

Press 7: To reach the lost and found department

Press 9: To track flight status

Press #: For all other information/ issues.

  • Finally, when your call is connected to a representative who is handling your concern, you can discuss your problems and expect the finest possible solution in the shortest time. 

Is the calling facility available 24 hours to contact American Airlines?

Yes, if any customer wants to avail information in english from a Live American Airlines representative, then he can call the call center 24 hours. However, it is suggested calls must be made early in the morning, before 8 am, to avoid annoying traffic. Virtual assistance is available 24/7. 

What are alternate mediums to get through American Airlines: 

Apart from calling, American Airlines can also be reached by using a platform of social media. Customers can now easily post their queries or drop a message describing their concerns on the social media platforms( whose links are given below). This option enables one to get the required information within a fraction of a second:

  • Facebook:
  • twitter :
  • Does American Airlines provide live chat assistance?

Yes, American Airlines provides the option of live chat to customers who wish to get through the airline immediately. To use this communication medium, customers must follow the instructions given below in the exact order as mentioned:

  • Go to the website of American Airlines.
  • When you scroll the homepage to the extreme bottom, you will find an alternative of “contact American” under the “Help” section. 
  • Select the alternative, and when the chat window generates, you need to log into your existing account to proceed further.
  • Now you can write the problem you are having with American Airlines in the chat box and click on the icon denoting send.
  • American Airlines virtual representatives will be happy to assist you within a few minutes. If the information provided to you is insufficient according to you, then you also have the option to request a callback for which phone number and callback time must be mentioned. 
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