How do I use my Ryanair gift vouchers? 

 Ryanair gift vouchers pay for flights, seats, checked bags, and other services. If you want to purchase them, you can do so from their website or purchase vouchers using an app. You can use these vouchers to purchase your ticket at the page checkout you can use these vouchers that you have purchased with Ryanair. Also, you must use these gift vouchers as they come with validity. If their validity is over, you can't use them again, so you must check that there is a process you must follow if you have a voucher and want to use these while purchasing a ticket with Ryanair. This way, you can get your tickets at a cheaper cost.

What is the process for using vouchers?

If you want to use a voucher to pay for your flight, it can make your ticket cheaper. First, you have to complete your ticket information, and this voucher is used at the checkout page. You can follow these steps to use your voucher for the purchase. This can make your ticket purchasing using these gift vouchers that you have purchased with Ryanair

  • First of all, reach the website of Ryanair 
  • After this, you must click on flight booking, select departure and arrival date and place, and proceed. 
  • You have to select available flights as per your preference that you recently searched for. 
  • You have to complete your flight information and other information
  • Follow the steps, and at the page coifmiaton, you have to make a payment
  • You have to provide your 18-digit voucher at the right and complete your payment using the gift vouchers

After you have followed these steps, you have redeemed your voucher of Ryanair to purchase your ticket 

What is the validity of vouchers?

Suppose you have purchased your Ryanair gift card vouchers from the website or ryanair app. You should know the validity of these gift vouchers. If you know this, you can use your gift voucher from Ryanair or give it to someone else. It is valid for one year, so you have to use gift cards as per that, or else you can't use them. 

How to make changes to the gift card?

If you want to change your gift card, you must convey this to the support team. Else you are not able to make changes to your gift card.

What are the changes that i can make?

You can make changes to the name of a gift card. Only minor changes are allowed in your name on a gift card. If you have made an error while writing your name on the gift card 

This is useful if you are someone who wants to use gift voucher from the ryanair, there is a process that you have to follow, and at the checkout page, you have to provide your voucher to redeem it, and you have to know that you can make use of it and it comes with a validity, use prior to that, you can make some changes for free on card 

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