How do I use KLM miles? 

Do you wish to use KLM miles for booking travel on KLM? You have come to the exact right place. Let us consider how to use KLM miles for booking flights. 

Passengers are able to earn and spend Flying Blue Miles. One can book a trip with the KLM airlines using the collected miles from previous travels. Miles can also be used for booking hotels for your holiday. 

There are multiple ways to Use miles on KLM. Let us consider a few. 

Buy a reward ticket. 

Passengers are able to make the most of their Flying blue collected miles by navigating to the official website and redeeming them for buying a reward ticket at KLM. One can pay for their Flying blue reward ticket using Miles however, these can’t be used for paying taxes and carrier charges for your flight bookings on KLM. 

You can even get a better discount by clubbing Miles and other promo rewards for booking flight travel. 

Book extra options. 

Multiple extra options are available for purchase and nothing sounds better than purchasing extra options using collected Miles for your account. You can book an upgrade, a seat with added legroom, extra checked baggage, etc. Add these and more to your flight reservations using flying blue Miles collected by you to get a fully loaded KLM airlines ticket. 

Combine Miles and cash. 

A combination of Miles and cash is highly useful in circumstances where passengers do not have sufficient Miles to cover the cost of the KLM flight ticket. In this case, KLM offers passengers to club their miles and cash for the payment of their flight. Cash and Miles can be used to book a normal or a reward ticket on KLM. 25 percent of the reward ticket can be paid using cash and the remaining can be paid using Miles for your travel. In the case of a normal ticket, passengers are able to pay 25% via Miles and the remaining can be paid using cash for reserving KLM flight tickets. 

Transfer Miles. 

You can also gift your miles to another flying blue member. The Miles transfer may take 72 hours and once transferred, another member can use Miles for booking a flight with KLM. Also, passengers have to pay a miles transfer fee to the airline. 

Shop online. 

Travelers can navigate to the flying blue store in order to buy experiences and products like electronics, jewellery, and cultural tours using Miles. Redeem miles on the Flying Blue store for an extremely pleasurable online shopping experience. 

Donate to charity. 

One can also look for donation options to put their Miles to some good use. Support a cause or help a start-up by donating Miles via your Flying Blue account. Login to your account and arrange donations to support a cause. 

Check your miles by logging in to your Flying Blue account and get help with your flight reservations. Book flight tickets for free using your flying blue Miles. One can also connect with a customer service executive at KLM for help with using Miles for booking flights.

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