How do I Speak to Someone at Xiamen Airlines? 

When you are flying with Xiamen airlines, your experience is bound to be flawless as the Airline has amazing customer service support. If you need to speak to someone at Xiamen Airlines, You will get a response that is positive that makes you feel understood, and you will leave a positive impression of the Airline. If your experience is positive, you will always return to fly with the Airline as the Xiamen Airlines Customer Service response is quick, and all your queries will be resolved in the best way possible.

There are different ways to speak to someone at Xiamen Airlines 

Via the official website:

The official website is easy to navigate, and you will find all the details and answers to the query you might be looking for.

You can speak to someone at Xiamen airlines via the official website by following the steps below.

  • You have to go to the Homepage -
  • You will see a tab called “About Us.”
  • You have to click on the Tab “About Us,” and as you do so, you will see the option “Contact Us.”
  • You have to click on “Contact Us” to see all the contact details
  • You can choose from this page however you would like to speak to someone at Xiamen airlines.

Via Phone number:

Xiamen Airlines has a hotline number, 86-592-2226666, that is operational 24/7. The fastest way to speak to a customer service agent is by using the  Xiamen Airlines Phone Number, and you can easily make reservations, cancellations, and itinerary modifications.

Via Email Address:

One of the most formal ways to speak to someone would be to send an email to Xiamen Airlines and wait to hear back from them. Whether you made a booking for an official meeting that you need to get reimbursed for from your office or you like to keep track of the conversation, the best way would be to email Xiamen airlines.

You can email Xiamen Airlines using the email address They will usually respond to you within a week, and you will have everything in writing.

Via Social Media:

Xiamen Airlines is also available on one of the most popular social media platforms there, i.e., Facebook. You can interact with the leading Airline while using your Facebook ID to interact with friends and family. You can speak to someone at Xiamen Airlines by using the website - You can follow and comment on Xiamen Airline's Facebook page to stay updated with all the new information.

Via chat: 

Chatting is one of the most preferred ways of communicating with someone. You can chat with someone at Xiamen Airlines as it is easy and convenient. 

Via Mailing address:

You might need to speak to someone at Xiamen airlines by sending a post to them. If you have to send any documents or just write to them, you can do so using the address given below.

22 Dailiao Road, Xiamen 361006, China

One can speak to Xiamen Airlines Customer service agent or write to the Airline using this information. You can always visit the official website for more clarity.

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