Get to learn about ''How do I Request Special Assistance on Ryanair?''

If you book a flight with Ryanair and need special assistance, you can request the service during booking anytime. In addition, you can also pre-book them 48 hours before departure by visiting the Ryanair website or by calling the  Ryanair Special Assistance Phone Number directly if only 12 hours are left until departure. Besides, once your request is shared, ensure to reach the airport at least 2 hours before departure. You can see the complete information below to know more in this regard. 

Ryanair allows you to book special assistance during booking and also later by using both online and offline options. It is advised to book it on time so that the required assistance is available and you can have a smooth journey. Besides, here are the options and procedures you can follow to Request special assistance with Ryanair:- 

Request special assistance online. 

  • To book special assistance with Ryanair, go to the official website first
  • There, look for the My booking section and open it 
  • Then log in to your account and select the ticket you need special assistance for
  • Click on the tab ''Add service'' and then ''Special assistance.'' 
  • There you can then add the required assistance and move further
  • Follow the prompt instructions on the screen to complete the request 

Request special assistance over the phone. 

  • Dial the special assistance phone number for Ryanair +44 1279358588 or +44-203-514-1039
  • Select the preferred language and follow the IVR commands 
  • You need to select ''special assistance'' from the phone menu 
  • Then say, ''speak to the Ryanair representative,'' and soon you will be able to connect to the live agent 
  • You can then share your special assistance request with the agent 
  • Provide the booking information, and they will book the special assistance service on your behalf

Request special assistance via chat 

  • To book special assistance via chat, go to the link chat with Ryanair
  • Login to your Ryanair account and type the message 'special assistance.'
  • Select the type of assistance from the option given 
  • Provide the answer to the questions, and you'll be able to request special assistance successfully 

Various types of special assistance you can request from Ryanair

  • BDGR- If you travel with a guide/assistance dog and require a walker through the airport(Departure /arrival) to the seat and separate safety briefing 
  • PETC- When you travel with a guide/ assistance dog and don't require special service through the airport
  • WCHC- If you need special assistance throughout the airport from departure/arrival and to get lifted on/off and to the seat
  • WCHS- If you need assistance through the airport during departure & arrival and to up and down the plane steps
  • DPNA- for self-reliant passengers, means they have an intellectual disability but understand safety instructions. They need help through departure and arrival at the airport. 
  • BLIND- blind/vision-impaired passengers need a walker from the airport to the plane and to a separate briefing from staff

By reading the information above, you will understand how to request special assistance with Ryanair. Moreover, for further details or if you have any confusion, you can call on Ryanair Special Assistance Phone Number and speak to the special assistance team directly. You can also visit the website online to get additional information. 

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