How do I Request Special Assistance on Jetstar Airways?

JetStar is a low-budget Australian airline known to offer premium services like holidays trip, hotels, and rental car services. This makes passengers' journeys smoother. Moreover, the airline provides special assistance to differently-abled travelers who need help. You have to make the booking for assistance in advance. In case of any trouble, reach out to a live representative via Jetstar Airways Special Assistance Phone Number. Here are the services you should be aware of before making a reservation. 

What are special assistance services available at Jetstar? 

Different support systems are available for a comfortable journey and flyers' safety while keeping special needs in mind. What specific requirements can you ask when booking a flight: 

  • Travelers with reduced mobility can apply for wheelchairs and ambulatory assistance on and off the plane. 
  • Required assistance for hearing impairment. 
  • Vision impairment services are available. 
  • Need additional oxygen help. 
  • Pet assistance

Read the instructions carefully to get assistance

Here are the guidelines that need to be followed for the smoother accessibility of support: 

  • Inform the airline about the wheelchair or mobility aid before boarding the flight. If your mobility ais are battery-powered or manual, weight and dry or wet cell or lithium-ion battery. 
  • The weightage of your assistance for mobility should not be more than 32 kg. Besides, it should be able to stand in an upright position. 
  • As per the guidelines, flyers who aren’t checking in a wheelchair, however, need it at the airport. You are supposed to pay for the wheelchair service and hiring fee. 
  • Flying with Accompanying passengers, you should inform about it in advance so that seats can be arranged together. 
  • It is mandatory to check in 90 minutes prior to flight departure at the domestic terminal. And 2 hours when you have to board the international flight. Thus, you get the required support timely. You can contact the airline for more updated information if you have any concerns. 

Limits on wheelchair assistance

A flight can have only 2 Wheelchair passengers on Airbus A320/A321 and Boeing 787 (domestic) flights. After considering the limited space in the aircraft, it is advisable to request assistance while making the reservation. So you will be informed about whether the space is available on your preferred flight. 

Seating Arrangement on the Jetstar aircraft

Generally, flyers are assigned in front of the cabin seats. Emergency exit seats aren’t offered due to safety requirements. Suppose you need a leg-extended seat if you aren’t able to sit on an extra legroom/ exit row seat, buy an extra seat. 

How to request special assistance?

Whether you buy the tickets online, from customer support, or from travel agents doesn't matter. Passengers need to inform about the bringing of mobility aids there are carrying. Dial the Jetstar Airways Special Assistance Phone Number +1866 397 8170 / +613 9645 5999 or +61 2 5133-5876 at the time of booking. The helpline is available in English 7 days a week from 6 am – 10 pm AEST. And follow the IVR instructions to pick the suitable choice to get in touch with a live representative. Visit the website for more updated information. 

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