How to Select Flight Seats on Delta Airlines?

Every tourist who buys flight tickets with Delta Airlines wants to have a luxurious journey with them. For this instance, passengers want to select the flight tickets of their choice and want to know the Delta Airlines Seat Selection process. Delta Airlines allows its travelers to look over the features and amenities they render to them after purchasing first-class seats. There are situations when passengers are unsure related to the steps of selecting the flight seats and now want to select seats of their choice. 

Here are some steps to select seats on Delta:

When passengers are in the entire mood to select the flight seats on their own, they might want to know the steps to do so, and they are as follows:

  • Firstly, travelers have to log in to the official website of Delta Airlines with an internet connection on their devices.
  • Find out the ‘My Trip’ section on the home screen of the website and tap on it after locating it.
  • Enter the information on the tab like name, seats, and flight to log in to the page.
  • The travel will land on the itinerary options page to buy the flight tickets. Tap on the ‘seat selection’ option present on the map.
  • A seat map will appear on the screen and show the availability of flight tickets. 
  • Select the flight seat that the passengers want to book for their journey. 
  • Pay the charges according to the flight tickets selected and take advantage of the journey.

Seat selection Policies of Delta Airlines:

Most often, passengers who travel on a flight want to have a seat of their choice. By following the steps mentioned above, they select the flight seats. But there are some rules and regulations that every traveler should follow:

  • According to the seat selection policies, travelers are allowed to book seats in advance or at the time of check-in by paying some charges to the airline.
  • When flight tickets are purchased by the airline, it is not necessary whether they will get the option to choose the tickets, but they can easily book the flight tickets on their own by only seeing the availability of the seats. Their last decision will be valid by the airline.
  • For better convenience and experience, travelers are permitted to select their flight seats seven days before the flight's departure time.
  • If travelers are not paying the fees of flight seat selection immediately, they have to face the increase in the charges with every passing hour.

How much does it cost to select the seats:

When passengers select their flight seats on Delta Airlines, they will first see whether they can afford the first class flight tickets or not. Going through the prices of the seats is very necessary for the passengers, and they ask for it. The cost is as follows:

  • When selecting the flight tickets for Economy class, the cost of seats is stipulated and is according to the seat selection policy of the airline.
  • According to Delta Airlines, the starting cost of the seat selection is around $20.
  • The highest seat selection price is for the first class and can increase up to $150.
  • The prices of the seats increase hour after hour. 
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