How do I Get my Refund from Egyptair?

If you have a reservation with Egyptair and you would like to request a refund but you are uncertain of the policies and procedures that the airline employs regarding refunds, then you have arrived at the correct website. You will find that using this website to your advantage is of the utmost importance.

Is Eyptiar’s online refund service available?

Sure, you can use the Egyptair website to get your refund. This approach is widely employed and therefore very typical. You can simply complete the refund process by employing this technique. To use a website for a reimbursement, follow the instructions below:

  • Using your chosen browser, go to the airline’s official website.
  • After that, select the “my booking” link under the main section tab.
  • The booking number and the passenger’s last name should then be entered.
  • Then select See Your Booking.
  • Your entire booking for Egyptian flights will appear on the following screen.
  • After that, select Cancel or Change Flight.
  • You will be taken to a page where you must complete out a refund form after you have canceled your flight.
  • The refund request form must be filled out completely before you can send it.
  • You will then get an email confirming the start of the refund procedure.

If I call Egyptiar's customer service representative, can I get a refund?

It is simple to request a refund from the airline’s customer service representative, and to subsequently obtain the requested amount. The airline's customer service representatives are on duty around-the-clock to assist travellers. You must have the airline’s official phone number on hand in order to contact them. Follow the instructions listed below to communicate over the phone:

  • Call (212) 581-5600 or +1 (802) 636-9417 and follow the IVR instructions.  
  • To select your preferred  language, press *.
  • To reserve a ticket, press #.
  • To cancel a flight and receive a refund, press 0.
  • To learn more about the airline's refund procedure and policy, press 1.
  • To talk with a live representative, press 2.
  • Select the option that best addresses your problem.
  • Once connected with the live representative, express your worries to him, and have the issue resolved.

What is the Egyptair Refund Policy? 

The airline knows that cancellation can happen anytime and for any reason. Therefore the airline has a flexible cancellation and refund policy. You can understand the Egyptair Refund Policy by going through the points mentioned below: 

  1. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your booking, you are entitled to receive a complete refund on your EgyptAir flight tickets.
  2. This 24 hours criteria will only be applicable if you book a flight ticket seven or more days before the flight departure. 
  3. Only if you have booked your ticket through the official Egyptair website or by contacting their reservations number will you be  able to request a refund from the airline.
  4. A cancellation charge will be deducted from your initial payment and the balance will be credited as a refund if you do not qualify the Egyptair’s refund policy.
  5. When using a credit card, the airlines are required to reimburse the cardholder’s account with the refund within seven days of the cancellation.
  6. When paying with cash, the airline office where the ticket was bought must issue a refund right away.
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