How do I Get in Touch with AirAsia?

AirAsia is one of Asia's biggest airlines, providing many flight-related services. If you are facing any issues with AirAsia, you can always call the AirAsia phone number. AirAsia customer service is always ready to help you with different problems.

Different methods to contact AirAsia :

Through phone call: The fastest option to contact AirAsia is to call on 080-4666-2222 or 080-6766-2222, and you will get in touch with a customer support associate to help you with your problem.

Through text on WhatsApp: Phone calls may not be possible every time as there are sometimes chances of a busy server or network issue. In that case, you can text AirAsia customer support and ask your question over text on WhatsApp. Just text 'Hi' over the number 11-3516-5078, and a customer support associate will text you to solve your issue.

Through Live chat: You can also chat with AirAsia directly through their official website or Airasia super app. Here are the steps you can use the chat option with AirAsia : 

  • Open the official website or the AirAsia super app.
  • Go to the "Contact Airasia" option.
  • Then select the "Live chat" option.
  • After that, you will be connected to AirAsia customer service, and you can ask them about your problem, and they will help you with it.

Through Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistant is also the best option as it is always available. You have to choose what thing you need help with, which will provide different options for your help. The best thing about Virtual assistant is you do not have to wait much longer for a response as it replies within seconds. 

Through Email - You can also send them a mail with the necessary information. You can write your problem and add a picture or document with the mail to understand your issue quickly and send it to Then, the customer support member will contact you through the mail and help you with your problem.

Through Social media - You can also connect with AirAsia through social media. You can send them a direct message through their social media account regarding your problem or add a picture with your message to better understand your situation. 

 Change your seating plan online.

If you want to change or upgrade your seating plan, you can always visit the company website and make the changes. However, if you're going to upgrade or change your seat to the window side, some additional charges will apply. You can follow these steps to manage your flight details :

  • Open the AirAsia website or mobile app.
  • Click on the "Manage flight" option.
  • Fill in the given segments and then you can easily cancel or upgrade your flight information.

Through these above steps, you can contact AirAsia anytime and clear all your doubts, but if you still need any help or want to know more about AirAsia, visit their official website there, you can read the airline policy and learn more about AirAsia.

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