How Do I Get a Refund From Vietnam Airlines?

If you cancel your Vietnam Airlines flight ticket due to any emergency, then you can get a refund for your flight cancellations. If you are wondering how you can request a refund, then you must go through the important policies and procedures given in the following section. 

What are the refund policies of Vietnam airlines?

Customers must go through the important policies set by the airlines before requesting a refund.

Some of the important highlights of Vietnam refund policies are given below:

  • If any customer requests to receive a refund for his booking within 24 hours of his initial booking, then according to Vietnam Airlines Refund Policy, they are eligible to receive a full refund for their flight cancellation.
  • For refund requests made after 24 hours, customers will not be eligible to receive the full amount. There will be some deductions in the refunded amount.
  • If any ticket holder cancels flights at the last moment due to any unavoidable medical emergency and wishes to claim a refund for his cancellation, then he must provide medical certificates to validate his concern and receive a refund.
  • Sometimes Vietnam Airlines cancels your flight or causes delays beyond the limit; then, they usually provide you with the next flight to your destination; if that option does not go well with your schedule, then you can cancel that option and request to get a refund. 

Procedure to request a refund from Vietnam Airlines:

After canceling their reservations, customers usually look for a method to receive a refund from Vietnam Airlines. If you are also searching for the procedures to request a refund, then you can use the alternatives mentioned below:

Request a refund from Vietnam Airlines online:

This method consists of some straightforward steps to be followed. If you wish to use this approach to get a refund from Vietnam Airlines, you must follow the instructions given below sequentially:

  • Start the process by visiting the official website of Vietnam Airlines.
  • Tap on the option of “manage booking.”
  • Now you must enter your reservation code, passenger’s last name, and registered email address to discover your travel itineraries.
  • Soon you will come across the passenger’s ticket details; tap on the link to request a refund.
  • When you reach the refund form page, fill in all the fields marked with stars, mention your reason for claiming a refund in the message box, and hit the submit button after confirming your entries.
  • Soon you will receive a notification on your phone or email about submitting a refund request.

Reach out to customer services of Vietnam airlines to receive a refund: 

If any customer cannot request a refund online, he can use the offline approach by contacting customer care services. They can call them during their working hours by dialing +84 24 38320320. As the call gets connected to the corresponding representative, they must provide their reason for claiming a refund. 

How much time is taken by Vietnam Airlines to refund your money?

The time taken by the airlines to return your money depends upon your transaction mode. If you purchased a ticket online, then 7-10 business days are taken by the airline, while for offline transactions, 15-20 business days are taken by the airline to return your money. 

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