How Do I Get a Refund From Hong Kong Airlines? 

If you cancel the flight and wish to get a refund from Hong Kong airlines, it's pretty simple. The Hong Kong Airlines Refund Policy allows you to get a refund from the airline by visiting the official website and phone calls. In this article, you will discover all the relevant information; check this out to ensure things are clear. 

Let's check out the refund process first

Follow the mentioned steps below to get a refund from Hong Kong airline:

  • To start with, get on the Hong Kong airlines official website 
  • Then go to the Plan and Book options on page 
  • Look for the trip management option and find the refund application Refund application form.  
  • Open the application form and fill in all the details like name, address, email id, city, region, contact details, etc.
  • Then select your ticket details, such as Trip types, etc., and then provide the associated information like ticket number, origin, etc.
  • Explain the refund request-related information and submit the refund application form.
  • Once you submit the form, the airline team will review it, and if you are eligible, they will initiate the refund soon.

You can also speak to Hong Kong airlines customer service at +852-3916-3666 and request the agent to process your refund. You can call the number and follow IVR to connect with a live person. Once connected, ask the agent about a refund, provide details, and they will process the refund soon. 

Hong Kong Airlines Refund Policy - Terms and Conditions 

  • Hong Kong airlines generally do not offer refundable fares because of their low fares. However, there are certain chances when you can get a full refund. 
  • The 24-hour refund policy of Hong Kong airlines allows you to get a full refund if your departure is seven days away and you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. Besides, you can also get a full refund if you cancel the ticket 60 days before departure. 
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all bookings, regardless of ticket terms and conditions. However, if you fail, you might need to pay some charges subtracted from your refund amount. 
  • You are also eligible for a full refund if your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours or cancelled and the new options or alternate flight doesn't suit you. 
  • If you cancel the flight due to severe illnesses, death, or jury duty, you can get a full refund, provided you must submit the document. 
  • You are eligible for refunds only if you took the flight having the prefix 851. Besides, the refund from Hong Kong airlines generally takes 7-20 working days, depending on your payment mode.
  • The Hong Kong refund policy applies to the bookings you purchase directly from the website, contact center, or airport. 

Conclusion: By going through the information above, you must have understood how to get a refund from Hong Kong airlines and the policy . If you still have any doubts or need further details on Hong Kong Airlines Refund Policy, speak to the agent by calling +852-3916-3666 or sending an email. You can also share your feedback or thoughts in the box below for us to review. 

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