How do I Contact Croatia Airlines?

If you are planning to travel with Croatia Airlines, booking your flight tickets is easy because of their easy process steps and flexible policy. You may book offline or online. That is upon you. In case you have already booked a flight with Croatia Airlines and need to contact Croatia Airlines customer service for any doubt you are having regarding your flight. You may want to request special assistance; you need to cancel the reservation with the flight; you need to change the flight under any circumstances; doubt regarding your refund, doubt regarding luggage carriage, etc.; then you can quickly get access to the contact service. There are many possible ways to contact Croatia Airlines' customer service. 

Several ways to contact Croatia Airlines:

Here are some ways you can use to get in touch with Croatia Airlines customer service. 

Contact via phone call:

Calling is the fastest and most convenient way to get in touch with the official customer service team in case of immediate help or emergencies. You can quickly dial the Croatia airlines phone number, which is toll-free. Just dial +38516676555, and you will be asked to choose a preferred language to continue the conversation. Choose the preferred language and follow the further IVR instructions:

  • Press 1 for doubt regarding a refund.
  • Press 2 for flight cancellation. 
  • Press 3 to change a flight.
  • Press 4 for doubts regarding baggage. 
  • Press 5 for pet carriage.
  • Press 6 to request special assistance. 
  • Press 7 to connect with the customer service team. 

Hold the call for a few seconds and wait for the call assistant to get in touch with you according to your chosen concern. They will help you with further details about the issue. In case you have multiple problems, then you can dial the Croatia Airlines phone number again and choose the IVR option that is related to your query with the same process. 

Contact via live chat: 

You can also choose to chat live with the Croatia airlines customer service assistant. Live chat is a handy and instant way to get to customer service through text or chat messages. You may follow these specific steps to start and proceed to live chat with Croatia Airlines customer service. 

  • Visit Croatia Airlines' official website 
  • Open the main webpage
  • Scroll down to the last, and you will see the "contact" tab.
  • Choose "contact" amongst the options. 
  • Click on it, and you will navigate to the next page. 
  • There you will witness a message box.
  • Type down your message regarding your concern.
  • The customer service assistant will connect with you as soon as you send the message.
  • Explain your query in detail so they can help you with further information. 

Contact via Email:

An email has been the most practiced and trusted way of getting in touch with the official pages. You can contact the Croatia Airlines service team through their official email address. Simply write to to get your request processed. You will get a revert email within a few working hours. 

You can choose from the ways mentioned above to get in touch with the Croatia Airlines customer service team. 

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