How do I Change my Flight Date on TAP Air Portugal?

Suppose you booked a flight ticket earlier after making your plans, but for some reason, you must postpone your trip, and for that, you must change the date of your booking. A person can change their flight ticket whether they want to change the date, time, or even the destination. To change the date, you need first read the imposed policies and go through with the available procedures. 

TAP Air Portugal Flight Date Change Policy

The policies which are imposed on changing the date of a booked flight ticket at TAP Air Portugal are given here:

  • The date change should be done on the booked flight 1 hour before the departure.
  • If the flight ticket was bought 24 hours ago from the departure timing, then no changes will be allowed on the itinerary.
  • If you change the boarding date of your booked flight within 24 hours of reservation, there will be no charges. 
  • If the date change is made after ending the 24-hour grace period from the booking, then a date change fee will be charged. 
  • Ticket bookings made by a third party will not be allowed to make the changes at TAP Air Portugal. For any changes, contact the same platform. 

Methods To Change a Flight Date at TAP Air Portugal

There are two methods available using which you can change the date of your booked flight on TAP Air Portugal. Below you will find the procedure to make the change from both of the methods.

Online Method

You can change your flight date online with the help of the TAP Air Portugal website. You can make changes to your itinerary and pay the required charges online, and your itinerary will be updated as per your requirement. Follow the procedure of changing flight date with the online method:

  • Go to the homepage of TAP Air Portugal on your browser,
  • Tap on the “Booking and Managing” button,
  • Then select the “My Bookings” option,
  • There you need to enter the booking details and do a search,
  • Your itinerary will appear on the page,
  • Navigate the change section,
  • Choose the Date Change option,
  • Select the required date,
  • All the available flights based on your itinerary on the desired date will appear,
  • Choose a flight to make the booking,
  • Pay the needed amount and confirm for flight date change
  • Your itinerary will be changed at TAP Air Portugal. 

Offline Method

The offline method to change the date of your flight is to make a call to TAP Air Portugal customer service. There you can communicate with a person to make changes on the flight. Follow the steps which are mentioned here:

  • Dial the TAP Air Portugal number: 1800-903-7914 or +1 (802) 636-9417,
  • Wait for an executive to connect with you,
  • Then ask to change the date on your reservation,
  • The executive will ask for the confirmation number and surname,
  • After that, the person will get your itinerary and will ask for the required date to change,
  • You can choose which flight to book,
  • Then make payment for the required charges and the date will be updated. 

Hence, if you have a reservation and need to make changes to the flight date, the methods for TAP Portugal Change Flight Date are given, which you can use at your convenience. 

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