Best methods to reach out to LATAM airlines from Peru.

Suppose you are planning your trip with your family or friends and looking forward to booking your flight with LATAM airlines from Peru but having some difficulty in doing this process and not understanding any of the services of LATAM airlines; then below is a discussion about the same that will assist you in all the possible ways, you are recommended to go through the details that are provided below:

Learn the way to connect with LATAM airlines via Call

If you want to avail of the different services of LATAM airlines, for example, booking and canceling services, pet policy, parking facilities, lounge facilities, and all other services that are provided by the airlines, you can always reach out to LATAM airlines by calling on a LATAM airlines Peru Phone number (01) 213 8200 or (+511) 708-5333, and you will be provided with immediate help from their customer executives. And you must listen to certain IVR options, which are the following:

  • Press 1 and choose your languag
  • Press 2 to book your reservatio
  • Press 3 to cancel your reservatio
  • Press 4 for other option
  • Press # to talk to the customer executive of LATAM. (you have to choose this option to talk to an executive, so all your queries become resolved, and you continue with planning your trip either to or from Peru.)

In case you are not able to reach out to LATAM airlines from Peru by the above-mentioned method, you are advised to opt for the methods that are frequently chosen by other passengers:

Connect with LATAM airlines from Peru via Social Media 

Ease, comfort, effectiveness, and many other things are always expected by passengers when they seek any information from the airlines, so their trip or journey becomes delightful without any issues. So, LATAM airlines offer an opportunity to passengers to connect with LATAM airlines from Peru on their Social Media platforms. And below are the different social media channels on which you can raise your query related to the services of LATAM airlines:

  • Facebook-
  • Instagram-
  • Twitter- 

Connect Via WhatsApp from Peru

Nowadays, most people operate WhatsApp, and they always want to be updated about different policies and services and resolutions to their queries on this platform so that no passenger experiences any trouble. So, to get Virtual Assistance, you have to send a text to the following number:

  • +56 9682 50850 (and you will be provided with the resolution to all your different queries which may arise at the time of your booking or till the end of your journey with LATAM airlines. 

Connect via Email from Peru

There is also another method to reach out to LATAM airlines from Peru is via email. The best advantage of connecting with them via email is that you can keep the information for future purposes also in your email box. Whatever query you raise, you will be provided with the answers to your questions and can be seen multiple times when doubts will arise. Have a look at the email address:


These are the several ways by which you can connect to a real person at LATAM airlines from Peru, and all your doubts will get cleared. 

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