How do I add TSA PreCheck to LATAM?

LATAM Airlines have now incorporated the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA Precheck program), offering passengers a faster and more immediate process to check-in with more than 200 airports in the United States. TSA PreCheck is available to registered passengers when departing or entering the United States airport.

What is TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is a membership-based program that allows passengers to get a speedy check-in at airport security. The passengers didn’t have to remove their shoes, belts, and light jackets at the time of security check-in, plus they didn’t have to remove their laptops and 3-1-1 liquids from their carry-on bags during their screening at the airport. 

The passengers are required to pay a certain amount if they wish to apply for the TSA PreCheck, submit their personal information for a background check, and give an in-person interview. The TSA PreCheck application fee will be $78, and the membership will be for five years. The passengers will have to pay $70 for the renewal of their TSA PreCheck membership.

The process to ass TSA PreCheck varies from airline to airline, and if the passengers add it to their frequent flyer profile, then it doesn’t guarantee that the PreCheck number will automatically be applied to your next reservation. 

Add TSA PreCheck to LATAM

The passengers can do the TSA PreCehck at the time of reservation or even in their existing reservation. The process to do the same is mentioned here for you as follows. 

In the new booking

There is a simple process that needs to be followed to add the TSA PreCheck at the time of making the reservation with LATAM airlines. The passengers are required to move with the reservation process on a normal basis and choose the flight time and date, the number of passengers, the type of trip (round/ on-way or multi-city), and their arrival and departure airport and proceed further. 

Once they process further, they have to look for the drop-down menu for ‘Secure traveler Information’ and proceed. Click on the option and enter the PreChecck number in the ‘Known Traveler’ field. This will ensure that your PreCheck number is submitted along with your information to secure the TSA PreCheck. 

In the Existing Booking 

The passengers are required to manually edit each flight to add their PreCheck number before check-in, or they can also call the customer service number and ask the executive to do the same for them.

What changes for LATAM customers after TSA PreCheck

After LATAM launched the TSA PreCheck, a lot seems to be changing for the passengers who own membership with the airline. The traveler will get their ‘Know Traveler number which will help them with the check-in at the airport. 

When the passengers proceed for the check-in, the system will automatically create a boarding pass with an indicator that can be anything from TSAPRECHK, TSA PRE, or TSA Pre✓®. The passengers with TSA PreCheck will have an exclusive line at the airport and a smother, faster boarding and check-in experience. 

Final Words

If the passengers still have any doubts about the TSA PreCheck with LATAM, it s advisable for them to get onto the contact page and connect with the representative to get the quickest help. 

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