Want to change your Eurowings flight? Check out their Flight Change policy

If you are travelling with Eurowings then you should be less worried about a change in your flight. Eurowings is a low cost airline for mostly within Europe flights and some long haul flights.  It is, however, a flexible airline and is operating from Germany.

Many times there are alterations in your travel schedule. At times you need to cancel or change the flight that you are planning to travel in. In such a scenario you can cancel your tickets or change them. If you don’t need to cancel the ticket then you can change your ticket and pay the difference or get the difference refunded (if the fare of the next booking is lower or higher). In this post we are going to share the details of Eurowings Flight Change Policy. 

What is Flex Light and Flex Premium

You can choose between their two plans, i.e., Flex Light and Flex Premium to avail the respective features of the plans.

The details are in the following:

  • You can choose between Flex Light and Flex Premium towards flexible change of flight schedule

  • If you change your flight and route before 40 minutes before departure then it is free to change your flight (it is common between the two)

  • In Flex light fare difference between flights is not included, however, it is included in Flex Premium 

  • Free cancellation is also included in Flex Premium but not in Flex Light

How can you choose Flex Premium

You can opt for Flex Premium if you have opted for one of the following fares:

  • Smart 

  • Best 

  • BIZclass 

You can choose them separately for outgoing and return flights. You can avail it provided the same person who is travelling asks for a change for the same flight and the same route. The flight should also be in their published flight schedule.

Flex light on the other hand is included in every flight booking. With this you can do many things as well. You can rebook your flights dates, time and route. You can do that any number of times as per your requirement. However, you need to do it at least 40 minutes before departure. Charges of the flight difference are applicable in Flex Light.

Flex Premium has an added advantage. You can still cancel or change once your flight departs. However, you should know that you need to do it by phone or at the counter on the same day of the original booking of the flight. Otherwise they will charge a flat fee for not being able to do so.

Germanwings bookings are not part of the above facilities.

If you made a booking with the help of a tour operator then you need to contact him in advance for any change or cancellation. 

Hope we could resolve your quest to know about the flexibility of Eurowings regarding their ticket change policy. If you are not clear then you can check out their website or talk to a representative at Eurowings to clear your doubts if any. If you liked our post then please provide us your valuable feedback.

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