How do I Contact Aer Lingus Special Assistance?

Imagine you have a flight in the upcoming week and get injured in your leg; you cannot cancel your flight and require special assistance. The airline and airport will provide special assistance for passengers with problems traveling. You will get all the services at the airport regarding special assistance. When you create the booking, you can add your special assistance requirement. You can use the given methods for special assistance. 

Methods to get special assistance. 

Add special assistance by using the online option. 

Passengers require special assistance during the flight because they injured their legs. They can add special assistance by using the online option. It is the easiest method to book special assistance. When passengers request special assistance, they will get it at the airport and select the wheelchair between an electronic wheelchair and a standard wheelchair. They can use the instructions to add special assistance after the booking. Here are: 

  • Go to the web portal of Aer Lingus. 
  • Move your cursor toward the manage trip option. 
  • Type down the required details and click on the log-in option. 
  • Go to the special assistance option. 
  • Provide the required detailed information, and you will get all the details on your credentials.

Connect with customer service. 

If you are looking for special assistance at the airport, you can connect with the Aer Lingus special assistance Customer Service and get all the details from the representative immediately. If you are looking for the contact number of customer service, you will get it on the official website. Open the airline's web page, click the contact option, and choose the contact number according to the region. Get the details from the representative as soon as possible. You can use these contact numbers: 1-800-778-4838 (voice) or 1-800-455-9880 (TTY). Please pay attention to the IVR steps, and you will communicate with the live person and ask them for special assistance. The representative will provide the details of your credentials. 

Email your query. 

Suppose you require special assistance during the flight; you can use the email option. Email is how you can immediately provide all the information regarding your queries. You can use this option, and you will get special assistance at the airport. To get special assistance at the airline, you can use this email id: You must provide the details within 72 hours when you require special assistance. To share the query on this id, you can use the given instructions: 

  • Go to your Gmail. 
  • Click on the compose option. 
  • Provide the details like recipient and subject. 
  • You have to provide detailed information about the special assistance. 
  • You can provide the attachment and click on the send option. 
  • Get response from the representative within 24-48 hours. 

Visit the airport to get special assistance. 

Assume that you are traveling with your parents and you require special assistance. You can ask a real person for special assistance when you visit the airport. Otherwise, you can visit the airport and go to the help center and ask the representative for special assistance, or they will ask you to complete the form. When you fill out the form, you will get special assistance according to your choice for your parents. 

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