Describe in Detail about the Brussels Airlines Group Bookings. 

For a group of more than 10 who are planning to make a reservation with Brussels Airlines for their long pending trip, it would be best to make the  Brussels Airlines group booking that the airline offers. The below-provided details would give an insight into the group's booking with the airline at more discounted rates than charged for individual ticket fares. The information would give the passenger an understanding of how to go about initiating the group booking.

Brussels Airlines group booking policy:

The passenger needs to adhere to the policies formulated by the airline for a hassle-free booking process. The pointers covered under the policy are:

  • The group should contain a minimum of 10 members. The airline will not allow benefits of the group booking for members less than that. 
  • Passengers are allowed to make the cancellations within 24 hours of making the reservations.
  • The airline allows the passenger to update the names until 14 days before the scheduled departure. Any changes in the name can also be done within this time period.
  • The payment mode is quite flexible, with 25% payment done at the time of reservation and the remaining amount to be paid within 3 weeks of the booking made. 
  • The passengers are not allowed to delete or add new passengers once the booking has been finalized. 

Brussels Airline Group Booking process:

The airline gives the passengers the option to make Brussels Airlines group bookings in two major ways. The group booking icon is provided on the main page of the airline on their official website under the Most Visited Pages link. The methodology that the passenger can resort to for reservations is as follows:

Self-booking through the online portal:

The passenger can directly access the link provided under the Group Booking icon, where they would be redirected to the group booking page. All the passenger needs to do is find the best deal flights and choose the best option by entering all the details as asked. Once finalized, the payment can be made, wherein the airline will share the link of confirmation for the reservation made. This method provides the passenger with the choice to make payment in installments. 

Making the booking through an expert:

If the passenger opts for this booking process, they will be connected to a specialist who will take up all the specifications mentioned by the passenger and then make a distinctive itinerary exclusive to the group. In this mode, an additional service fee will be applied accordingly for the expert assigned. The booking made under this category is even allowed to make upgrades with the cost charged accordingly. 

Does the airline offer booking for school trips?

Yes, Brussels Airlines group booking is also applicable for making school trip bookings. A total of 10 or more students would be able to travel comfortably in this booking made. It can either be done through the official website of the airline or through a specially curated school solution program offered by the airline. 

Final Words: The passenger would now have a fair idea of how to make the group booking with Brussels airline based on the attributes provided, with a special focus on each method followed by airline. In case of any doubt, connect to an agent.

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