How do I Book Multi City Flights on Virgin Australia?

If you plan a vacation with Virgin Airlines, you must choose the Multi city option and book your flights. There are multiple benefits of choosing a multi city flight option, and you will get a number of options to make your bookings. Below is the information you may need to book a multi-city flight at Virgin Australia. 

Benefits of Multi City Flight on Virgin Australia

If you are thinking of booking a multi city flight at Virgin Australia, below are some of the benefits listed that you will get:

  • It allows you to visit multiple places on one flight ticket.
  • It saves you time from making separate bookings of different destinations. 
  • It is cost-effective as compared to direct flights. 
  • You can Break your long flight journeys for relaxation with multi city booking. 
  • It is helpful for business people who have back to back meetings at different destinations.

Different Ways To Book Multi City Flight At Virgin Australia

There are a number of ways available for you to make a booking of a multi-city flight at Virgin Australia. Below, the procedures are mentioned with the available ways in which you can consider purchasing your flight ticket.

Booking Through Website

You can book your multi city flight ticket by yourself online from the Virgin Australia website. Follow the steps attentively and complete your bookings:

  • Open the Virgin Australia Site on your browser,
  • Switch to the “Book” section on the homepage,
  • Select the “Multi City” option in the column,
  • Choose the Number of passengers for the booking,
  • Enter the flight destinations requirement in the columns of Flight 1 and Flight 2,
  • Tap the “Add Flight” option if required,
  • Then click on the Search button to get the result of your entered details,
  • Choose the flight you want to book on the Result page,
  • Now proceed with the booking by adding passenger details,
  • Make payment for your multi city flight ticket at Virgin Australia.

Booking through Customer Service

If you are not able to find suitable flights by yourself on the Virgin Australia website and need assistance with the multi-city booking, then reach out to customer service and attain the booking assistance. Follow the steps and connect with a live agent to purchase a multi city flight ticket:

  • Dial the customer care number of Virgin Australia: 13 67 89 / +61 7 3295 2296 or +61 2 5133-5876,
  • Press * and divert your call to a live agent,
  • Within a moment, an agent will be available to provide you with assistance,
  • Ask them for a multi city booking on their airline,
  • Give the required destinations and dates to the agent,
  • The agent will check the flights as per your requirement and will suggest the best flight to book,
  • Ask for the flight details on your number or email,
  • After going through the details, provide your confirmation to book the flight ticket,
  • Pay the fare amount online and get your Virgin Australiaflight ticket in your email. 

Hence, above are the benefits mentioned for a multi city booking. If you like to take advantage of Virgin Australia multi city booking, you can follow the procedure of booking options as per your choice and enjoy your flight journey without worrying about the long hauls. It will allow you to make more of your trip and provide you more comforting flight.

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