How can I Change my Azul Airlines Flight?

When we booked our flight, we booked it full of joy, but there is no machine in the world that can tell what happened at that time. Like this, we do not know when and how a scheduled trip needs to be rescheduled. When you change your flight reservation due to some unfavorable circumstances, you need to learn some simple Azul Airlines Flight Change Policy. These policies will help you get your refund easily. If you are unaware of the policies and procedures of the Airline, you can read the information below. 

Define the Azul Airlines flight change policies. 

Due to any circumstances, if a passenger wants to make changes to their flights, then they can surely make them. The Airline provides this much liberty to their passengers that they can change their flight anytime, anywhere. There are some Azul Airlines Flight Change Policy that you need to read in order to change your flight. 

  • Passengers do not have to pay the flight change fee if they change their flight within the same day of reservation. But for that, the departure date should be one week prior.
  • If the passenger makes changes to their flight after the assigned time, then they have to pay the flight change charge, but after they can change their flight. 
  • The flight change varies according to the passenger's flight type and also the distance covered by that flight. 
  • If travelers want to make changes after check-in, then they cannot make changes. They have to cancel their flight tickets and rebook for that.
  • If the passengers make changes in the flight due to any severe illness, then they do not have to pay the flight change fee, but they have to submit the doctors issued documents to the Airlines. 
  • According to the Azul Airlines Flight Change Policy, if the passengers make changes due to any family member's death, then also they can make changes to their flight, but for that, they have to submit the death certificate within 14 days of cancellation. 
  • If the flight is changed by the Airlines, then you do not have to pay any flight change charge, but as a replacement, they will book a flight for you and also they will give a compensation meal for that. 

What is the Azul Airline flight change procedure? 

If the passengers want to change their flight, then they can follow the procedure below. 

  • Visit the official website of Azul Airlines. 
  • Complete the account authentication process by filling in your login credentials like username and password.
  • Search for the manage my booking tab and click on it.
  • Find your ticket details by using your booking number and the passenger's last name.
  • You can look for the modification option after that. 
  • Click on the modification and select the change flight option.
  • You can make changes to your name's initials, the date of the flight, and the destination. 
  • Give them a valid reason for changing the flight. 
  • And pay the required amount of flight change if you are not eligible for free changes. 
  • You will get an email soon that your flight has been changed.

So, these are some of Azul Airlines Flight Change Policies and Processes. You can follow it to change your flight.

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