Austrian Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Cancellation is an arduous process, and more than that is the refund. After the ticket is canceled, you must go through the refund policy. Austrian airlines are very clear about its policies, but the passengers must get confused. To avoid this confusion, you can go through the policies explained below. The content gives thorough information about the guidelines for cancellation and refund. 

Austrian Airlines' cancellation policy 

If you have a wish to cancel your booking, you must be aware of the Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy. The policies are as follows: 

  • You can cancel booking made with American Airlines within 24 hours of making the purchase. If you willing to avail of the risk-free cancellation window, you must book the tickets at least seven days from the scheduled departure time. 
  • If you have a non-refundable ticket, you are ineligible to get a refund even if you come under the 24-hour risk-free cancellation if you cancel your booking that has been made after the 7-day time slot. 
  • Suppose the airline cancels your booking for several reasons, such as bad weather conditions, technical glitches, a delay from the previous destination, etc.. In that case, you are one of those who is eligible to get compensation for the same. Or the airlines also try to manage you with some other flight. The airline, on your behalf, will try and manage the canceled flight. 
  • If you cancel the booking due to a medical emergency or the death of a close relative, you can apply for a refund from them. You must provide relevant documents so that you can avail of the same. 
  • If you cancel a booking in which you had an infant or pet along with the reservation, the airlines cannot provide any discount in such a case. The airline will completely deduct the amount for infants and pets. The refund amount will only have the ticket price booked for you. 

Guidelines of Austrian Airlines Refund 

After getting through the cancellation policy, you can contact the manage booking section and cancel your booking. But before that, you also must be aware of the Austrian Airlines Refund Policy. After which you can also request a refund from the same manage booking process. The policies of refund are hence explained in the points below: 

  • According to the cancellation policy of Austrian Airlines, if you come under the risk-free cancellation umbrella, you can get a complete refund for the cancellation made with the airline. 
  • If you booked a round trip or multi-city booking and canceled a one-way or single-city trip to one particular city, you will get a refund for the canceled ticket. The refund will not be for the round trip or the total multi-city booking. 
  • The refund depends on the fare type and the class of booking you have made. If you have a refundable ticket or are a premium or elite class member, you can receive a refund even if you cancel after 24 hours policy. 
  • You will have to provide relevant documents to request a refund in case of health emergencies or the death of a relative.  

Conclusion- You can visit the official website or get in touch with the customer service team of Austrian Airlines if you wish to seek assistance. 

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