How can I Cancel my Air New Zealand flight?

 Air New Zealand operates in New Zealand as well as many places globally, and if you want a cancelation of your ticket, then you have to know that there is a different air New Zealand cancellation policy for international as well as domestic flights, and you can make cancelation of your flights that are domestic up to 1 hour prior to the departure, and if you want to cancel international flights, you can make that cancelation prior to 24 hours of the departure, and you have to know their cancelation policy as well, also you have to know that cancelation policy are not the same for refundable and nonrefundable tickets for that you have to read the given cancelation policy if you are looking for a ticket cancelation of your refundable as well as non refundable tickets that you are having with you

Air New Zealand cancellation policy 

 There are various cancelation policies that you must know if you are going to cancel your ticket, and after reading them, you can get more clarity on the cancellation of air New Zealand tickets 

  • Suppose you make your cancelation within 24 hours of the ticket purchasing, then you can receive a full refund of your ticket if you have purchased your ticket with the air New Zealand official website or ticket offices 
  • If you cancel the free window, then after you give them a cost, your flight with air New Zealand can be canceled 
  • If you have a refundable ticket and need to cancel your flight, then you may be able to request your refund as well as other applicable taxes that are there on the ticket 
  • There is no refund given for ticket value of nonrefundable tickets still you can get the cost for applicable taxes on the ticket 
  • It can also happen that your air New Zealand flight is canceled, then the airline gives an option for you to change your flight, or you can also ask for a refund at no additional costs 

Cancellation number of air New Zealand

If you want to cancel the phone, you can call customer support on the air New Zealand cancellation number, +64 (0)9 357 3000 or +64 (0)3 669-4847. And after that, you can talk to customer support and ask them regarding cancelation, or you can get to know more of the policies and then confirm if any changes are made in those policies o you can ask them to reschedule you to the next available flight of air New Zealand

After knowing all you must know about the cancelation policy, you can now use that in canceling your ticket with air new zealand also, you have to know that if you cancel within 24 hours, then you can receive a full refund you are not holding a refundable ticket then you can only get money for the taxes that applied to your tickets, and they are not giving refund value for the tickets that are not refundable, and there is a number for cancelation for tickets also you can contact them and ask other issues related to the cancelation.

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