What happens if my first flight is delayed and I miss my connecting flight with Air Canada?

If you are wondering to know the solution to your first flight being delayed and missing the connecting flight, air Canada then don’t worry. Here are some ways that you can fix the problem. In this article, there are many different things that you will get to know, and for more information, you have to read this article until the bottom to resolve the issues. 

What happens if you miss the Air Canada flight?

When Air Canada missed connecting flight due to flight delay, then you are eligible to get the compensation that is based on disruption with the contribution factor. Like, if the flight is delayed due to some extra time required or crew-related issues, then for that reason, the passengers are eligible to get compensation, and due to maintenance issues or weather-related problems, then passengers are not eligible to get any compensation from the airline. 

Additionally, the compensation for delays and missed flight is based on the arrival time of the passenger at their final destination. So, below are the following list are mentioned related to the compensations, follow them:-

  • If the passenger is delayed between 3 hours and 6 hours, then they will be eligible for $400. 
  • If the flight is postponed between 6 hours to 9 hours, then the passengers are qualified to get compensation of $700. 
  • If the delay is more than that, then the charges will rise to $1000. 

What to do if you miss the connecting flight?

Here are some situations where you need to get to know what you need to do when you miss the connecting flight ticket; below are the following situation with all the solutions:-

If you missed the flight due to weather:

If your flight is missed due to bad weather, then for that, you need to directly get connect with customer services to rebook the flight ticket and also ask for the offer in compensation for a meal or other accommodations. 

If you missed your flight due to mechanical issues:

If you face a delay due to mechanical problems, then the airline will make sure to book the next flight that is available to reach your destination with all the accommodations or meals you need. The airline customer services will book the flight ticket if possible, or they will either contact another airline for you to the destination. 

If the flight is missed due to the issues that can be controlled:

In some cases, you missed the flight due to your own problems like reach late at the airport, being busy doing something and didn’t hear the announcement then for that you need to connect with services that will help you to rebook the flight ticket, but you need to pay all the charges and also change charges. 

Hopefully, all the detailed pieces of information that are mentioned above related to What happens if my first flight is delayed and I miss my connecting flight with Air Canada will be beneficial and advantageous for you. There are many necessary things that you need to know, and by following all the steps, you will clear all the misconceptions. Also, don’t fail to review our other content for more knowledge. 

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