Everything to know when you miss the flight of Air Arabia 

Suppose you have missed a flight of Air Arabia and are wondering about what happens next and are worried about your rights as a passenger when the flight is missed. Then you are on the right page. This page will help you know the Air Arabia Missed Flight Policy which comprises the option a passenger is left with after a missed flight at Air Arabia. Refer to the keynotes written below. 

Keynotes of Air Arabia Missed Flight policy. 

There are various criteria that are responsible for your missed flight, and all of them require a different course of action to be followed. So, the circumstances and the results are written below: 

When you miss a flight due to the bad weather. 

Now, when there is bad weather, then Air Arabia will be responsible for their passenger’s safety which will automatically lead to the airline canceling the flight and passengers missing their flights. But Air Arabia takes complete responsibility for providing a healthy travel ride to their passengers. They will either accommodate the passengers on the next immediate flight or grant them a complete refund if they apply for it. 

When you miss a flight due to the fault of the airline. 

When the passengers are missing the flight because of technical damage or fault within the aircraft, then Air Arabia will take complete responsibility for its travelers. They will either provide them accommodation on their immediate next flight or will give them a complete refund if they apply for it. 

When you miss a flight due to your fault. 

Suppose you ran into something on the way to the airport and couldn’t make it on time at the airport. Then, you can choose the most effective way of consulting with the assistant available at the airport counter and rebook your flight. And, if you have missed your flight for a valid reason like an injury, illness, emergency, or demise of a closed one, then you can get their utmost consultation by showing the valid documentation. The airport consultant will help you out and definitely rebook your flight. 

How to rebook your Air Arabia flight? 

The best way to rebook your flight is by directly talking with the airline. If you are at the airport, then you should visit the nearby counter and ask the assistant at the desk to rebook your flight ticket. 

And, if somewhere else, then you can simply call the airline and ask them to rebook your flight. The steps for the same are written below:

Steps to rebook your flight through call 

  • The primary step to call is to dial (06) 5580000 or +1 (802) 636-9417 the official number of the Air Arabia flight. 
  • Initially, you will connect with the IVR, and it will ask you to choose your language to converse with the assistant. 
  • Then, after choosing your language, you will have to choose your reason for calling Air Arabia. 
  • Click on the number as per your calling request. And then wait for the IVR to process your call. 
  • Once your call is processed, then you will be able to connect with the assistant and can request them to rebook your flight ticket. 


This was on the part of Air Arabia missed flight policy. Now, if you still have any doubts, then you can connect with their customer service team and get the required help. Now, the most important thing to remember when you talk with the assistant is to always remember to be polite and calm with them so that they assist you better. 

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