A Detailed Guide on Aeromexico Group Travel 

Aeromexico is one of the known names in the aviation industry, connecting various cities worldwide. Aeromexico offers different options for booking depending on the number of people traveling and other factors. 

If you are traveling with a group of 8 or 9, you can book the ticket online via Aeromexico official website and also by talking to the Aeromexico team over the phone. Besides, if more than ten passengers are there on the same reservation, you can opt for group travel. Aeromexico has special offers and benefits for its group travelers. If you don't know how Aeromexico Group Travel booking is done, the article below will provide all the details. Stay connected until the end. 

A step-by-step process for Aeromexico group travel 

  • To begin, go to the official website of Aeromexico's first 
  • There, locate the group travel page and click on Request a quote 
  • A quotation request form will appear on the page; fill out every detail
  • You can then contact the Aeromexico team by phone 
  • They will confirm the quote based on your requirements 
  • If it looks good, you can ask to confirm the seats for you 
  • Pay 25% of the total booking to confirm the booking 
  • Once everything is confirmed, you can provide the names of group members and pay the booking balance 

Besides the online booking procedure above, you can also directly call the Aeromexico support team to provide the quotation for your booking. You can confirm the details, and if the process is ok, you can ask them to proceed with booking. Now, let's proceed further and check out the benefits Aeromexico provides for group travelers. 

Aeromexico Group Travel Benefits 

  • Once the group booking is done, you can change names for 10 % of the total passengers in the group at no additional cost.
  • Seats are assigned for everyone in the group with no additional fee (AM Plus and preferred seating do not apply. 
  • The group traveler on the main cabin individually can accumulate 50 % of available premier points, and the group traveling in the Premier Cabin accumulates 100 % premier points. 
  • The previously established baggage allowance for destinations applies when traveling with a Group. 
  • When traveling with a group, you can get the tickets for your group up to 7 days before flying.
  • The tickets are available for 365 days or a year starting from the date of issue. If the group travels reschedules their itinerary, fares are different, and charges might apply.
  • You get extra deals and discounts when traveling with Aeromexico group travel. 

Aeromexico Group Travel- Points to consider 

To be applicable for Group travel, you must travel with a group of 10 or more passengers. 

To get the best deals and benefits, ensure to book the ticket well in advance. 

You must request a quotation first with Aeromexico at telephone number 1 800 800 9999 or via the official website at www.aeromexico.com/en-us/travel-information/group-travel. 

Conclusion: You can get your Aeromexico Group Booking done anytime by walking through the information above. Besides, if you have any doubts or need more details, the Aeromexico team has a dedicated help desk for group travelers. You can talk to them directly using the number in the article above or visit the website.

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