Find out the information about how much Air Cargo costs?

Are you looking for information on how much Air Cargo costs? In such case, you've come to the perfect place to learn about the cost of booking Air Cargo. The transportation or delivery of products by an air carrier is referred to as "air cargo." The cost of air cargo is the most important consideration when booking with any airline. If you want to know how much Air Cargo can cost, you may get the information from the details provided below.

What does Air Cargo cost?

Air cargo is one of the most efficient means of transporting products and services from one location to another, and it links every part of the globe. If you are wondering how much does Air Cargo cost on average, you may obtain an idea by reading the points below.

  • International air cargo charges can range from $2.50 to $5.00 per kilogram during a regular season.
  • This cost of air cargo is mostly determined by the type of item being transported and the amount of available space.
  • Additional costs include fuel surcharges, security surcharges, container freight station/terminal, handling charges, and airport transfers in addition to air cargo rates.
  • The cost of air cargo is generally 12–16 times greater than sea freight, and 4–5 times more than those of road freight due to which its demand is limited.

How is the cost of air cargo calculated?

You should know that the cost of Air Cargo is determined by many factors. You can use the statistics shown below to learn about the elements that influence the price of Air Cargo.

  • Whenever it comes to air cargo transportation, size and weight are important considerations. Airlines decide cargo cost by actual weight or volumetric weight that is also known as dimensional weight depending on which one is more expensive.
  • The universal thumb rule for calculating volumetric weight in air transport is to multiply the product's volume by 167 in cubic meters.
  • If somehow the volumetric weight of a product is greater than its actual weight, it becomes the billable weight to determine the cost of Air Cargo.
  • The marginal cost of carrying cargo is calculated based on weight and destination since fuel consumption is typically proportionate to aircraft’s weight, and distance travelled by it.
  • Airlines also determine the cost of air cargo at a flat rate, then a per kilogram rate based on under or over 45 kilogram, over 100 kilograms, over 300 kilogram, over 500 kilogram, and over 1000 kilogram.
  • Air cargo services also include Customs brokerage, pick-up and delivery, cargo insurance, and accessorial charges for door-to-door prices.

Several facts on how much Air Cargo costs are provided above so that you can obtain an accurate estimate ahead of time before making your decision to book it. In addition, when you decide to book an air cargo from one area to another, you should conduct a thorough search to learn about the fees that various air carriers charge, as well as other aspects. You may also call customer support for additional information.

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