How do I contact Air New Zealand Cargo?

Air New Zealand Cargo provides freight services to different Destinations, national or International, daily. Customers who book Carriage slots can contact their customer support team via Air New Zealand Cargo Phone Number and official Email. Customers can book places directly from the official website of Air New Zealand Cargo. You can contact Air New Zealand Cargo regarding booking the slot, receiving lost and damaged orders, delay in delivery, and claiming compensation. If you have received the damaged order under their care, you can claim the prize, but you must accept the goods from the date of issuance within 14 days.

Methods to communicate with the Air New Zealand Cargo Customer Service:

Connect Via Phone number:

Customers can contact Air New Zealand Cargo regarding complaints of services or claims for compensation and to know the status of delayed orders. You have to follow a few basic steps, which are mentioned below:

  • Dial customer service number 0800 747 777 /  +64 9 357 3000 or +64 3 669-4847 to speak with the representative.
  • You have to follow a small IVR process.
  • Press 1 for the selection of the favored Language.
  • Press 2 to book the slot.
  • Press 3 to claim compensation.
  • Press 4 to speak with the representative.
  • Press 5 to know the delayed goods status.

You have to wait for 2-3 minutes to get your call connected with the representative regarding any cargo services. Sharing the query with details to the representative customer support team will provide you with the proper guidance related to the question.

Connect Via Email:

Suppose a customer is wondering about formal communication with the Air New Zealand Cargo customer service team. You can contact them via the official email address and share the query in detail with the representative so that they will provide you with the required assistance.

  • Air New Zealand Cargo Email:

You can email the query, and the customer support team will reply via call or email.

Conditions of Air New Zealand Cargo Carriage:

  • Exportation or importation of carriage must not be prohibited under the laws and regulations of any country.
  • Shipping documents must be completed, such as Airway bills.
  • It should not endanger people or aircraft or annoy passengers.
  • Shippers ensure suitable packing according to the air carriage.
  • The customer should have fully marked the package with the name, address, and number of pieces available in the shipper's box.
  • The airway bill must be securely attached to the cargo.
  • The carrier shall not be responsible for any labeling on the cargo.
  • A method approved by the carrier must seal valuable packages.
  • Shippers may not declare the value of the package.
  • Cash-on-delivery basis shipments are not allowed.

Customers must be aware of Air New Zealand Cargo's terms and conditions for the shipment of any product. For more rules and guidelines, you can visit the official website of Air New Zealand Cargo before booking the slot. 

Rates and charges must be based on the units of measurement and are subject to the rules and regulations. Customers must pay all duties, tasks, taxes, and fees in advance. All payment methods, like Credit Cards, Debit cards, or cash and another original payment method, are acceptable.

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