How do I Contact Avianca Airlines Cargo?

Are you looking for the cargo? You can book the cargo at the airline by connecting with customer service on several communication mediums and with the airline representative to book the cargo and get the representative's details. To connect with customer service, you can use the given methods. 

Get the ways to connect with Customer Service. 

Get the quotation of cargo by calling. 

Imagine you are shifting and want to ship some items to your new place; you require the cargo quotation from the airline. In that case, you can dial the Avianca Airlines Cargo Phone Number and immediately get all the details from the representative. You can use this method to communicate with someone, which is the approachable method. To connect with the representative on the call option, you must follow the steps: 

  • Dial this number:  Medellín (574) 6046848 Bogota +57 1 439 7900 / USA:  +1 718-632-8222 or +1 802-636-9417. 
  • Follow the IVR command. 
  • Communicate with the representative and get the details from the representative. 

Get information regarding cargo by using the live chat option. 

Suppose you want to track the items you have shipped in cargo and don’t know how to get the details. You can visit our help center and get the information from the representative. You can follow the instructions to communicate with the representative on the chat option. You can communicate with the live person on the chat option available on the website. Follow the instructions to use it:

  • Open the web portal of Avianca cargo.
  • Move your cursor toward the chat option. 
  • Provide the required details to start the chat. 
  • Provide the topic according to your query. 
  • Wait for a few seconds and get a response from the representative immediately. 

Get the information regarding cargo in your email. 

If a passenger requires information regarding the cargo, you can provide your query on the email form. An email form is a way to connect with the representative and immediately get detailed information about their query. It is another medium to communicate with the cargo. Here are the details to fill out the email form: 

  • Visit the web portal of Avianca Cargo. 
  •  Click on the email option. 
  • Provide the details like full name, email, destination, client type, and the number of items, and click on submit option. 
  • Get the details from the representative on your registered email id as soon as possible. 

Get the details regarding cargo via social media. 

Are you looking for cargo details, or do you need any help? You can use another way to connect with the cargo, that is, social media. You can connect cargo with social media to get the details from them. Whenever you connect cargo with social media, you get regular notifications from them. Here are the links to connect cargo on social media: 

  • Facebook; 
  • Instagram; 
  • Twitter: 

If you need any cargo information, you can use the above methods. These methods are always available to resolve their passenger's queries. If you use any method, you must follow the instructions carefully. If you use the call option, kindly listen to the IVR steps and don’t miss it. Kindly provide the information on the above methods regarding query get information immediately. 

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