How do I pay my Delta cargo?

Delta Airlines are the best when it comes to facilities. Not only it offers great facilities and amenities but at the same time, the fare charged is quite minimal and affordable for the passengers.

This excerpt is going to cover details regarding Delta Cargo and would enlighten the passengers as far as clearing payment of Delta Cargo is concerned. So if you need details then you are required to follow the inclusions of this paper. So without any further ado, let us get straight into this. 

Delta Cargo; a platform that provides facility to the passengers or anyone to send shipments around the world. 

Online payment platforms

  • Delta Cargo partners with PayCargo and Unisys.

The partnership formed between Delta Cargo and PayCargo has opened new means through which individuals could be able to pay for their shipments with ease. 

This online payment platform allows individuals a scope through which they are able to pay for their shipments’ destination charges. PayCargo is regarded as one of the best options and the leading payment platform for the air cargo and shipping industry.

The system is secure and is easy-to-use at the same time. Also, with the help of an online payment platform the cargo(s) could be shipped the same day. This has been made possible due to elimination of paper checks due to automatic data flow.

In order to make use of the PayCargo platform, the individuals are required to follow the steps that are mentioned down under:

  • First and foremost, the customers must register on the official website of PayCargo.

  • Once you become a registered customer, you will then receive updated information regarding the shipment charges. 

  • Proceed with the payment for your cargo. 

  • This will allow PayCargo to see real-time payment details, thus, they will expedite shipment release.

There is yet another online platform which allow easy payment options as far as Cargo(s) are concerned. The individuals or customers cud also utilise another application named Unisys. 

Unisys offers innovative digital solutions as far as the Air Cargo industry is taken into consideration. The highest selling USP(s) of Unisys are mentioned down under:

  • Seamless performance .

  • Speed and flexibility.

The culmination of PayCargo and Unisys have provided real-tie solutions for air cargo industry. Let alone significant cost and operational efficiencies, Pay Cargo also delivers great benefits to the consumers as well by simplifying the entire payment mode and option.

Still having doubts, concerns or queries? Well, get in touch with the experts at the Delta by visiting You could also seek assistance through Unisys or by navigating to  

While going for Delta Cargo reservations, the customers could also connect with the consumer support and assistance department to get help on matters concerning Delta Cargo shipments. The representatives will guide you through this and you will have optimum details that are going to help you with you shipment release from Delta.

I hope this provides answers to  How do I pay my Delta cargo? For more details, visit the official page of Delta or else get in touch with someone at Delta airlines.


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