Does American Airlines Do Cargo?

American Airlines is one of those airlines that beliefs in providing the best customer services. The unique part is that they offer different types of services too that provide the customer to leverage other services too. Next, you can easily transport things from one place to another place safely. However many people or first-type flyers get confused when it comes to choosing the cargo services. 

Passengers can easily do the booking for the flight without facing the difficult situation. As you know that everything can be done online. But when it comes to cargo, many people get tangle and even don’t aware of cargo services. So it is clear that American Airlines provide the services but there are certain things that you should know about. You don’t have to worry about it, we have covered the details below. 

How to Book American Airlines for Cargo?

American airlines always come with the customer-friendly method to do books and this is something among them. If you are wondering that the process is a bit hassle, then you are wrong. There are two ways you can book cargo services. 

First, you can do with customer support. All you have to visit the official page of American Airlines. To get the number, you can visit the official website of Airlines and click on the contact us page. From here you can collect the number and then you will see the different numbers. Though each number has a different purpose and that you can get to know about the cargo one. Once you find it, then you can dial on your phone and connect with the representative. 

Next, you have to share some details for the booking in cargo. These details are a bit different than the process of normal booking. So, a live person can ask for a different thing, but we have mentioned some commonly asked things that you can present to them. 

  • PAL number, you can show this number at first. This is something that they ask for the first time 
  • The complete address of the person or if things are common but sends from a different person, then the only single address is required
  • You can show the Telephone number or one number that is active. Here it is important because they will send the messages regarding the cargo like where it is, and how long it will take to reach the destination
  • You can share the details of the things. It is important to know that as there are many restricted things that the person are not allowed to take into the cargo service 

So, in this way, you have to provide the details. You can easily do this by calling the person and no doubt it seems to be the perfect and fast way to do it. You can do this online too. All you have to direct the simple steps. 

  • First of all, go to the official website of American airlines and click on the book now 
  • Here you can search for the cargo, though, there will be a form that you have to fill with the essential details. These will mention the form and something are mandatory to show
  • Once you submit the application, then it will be sent to the live person and they will review it and call to you
  • You can even call them to know about the status of the booking

So you can see how easy it is to do American Airlines Cargo Booking. You can go with the method that seems comfortable so you can easily manage. Though, for fast assistance you should for the phone number one. It is fast, and you can easily clear many queries as well as make a quick decision.

There are some points that we have covered below from the policy. It is vital to know them as it will help you to make things easier. 

What is the American Airlines Cargo policy?

  • There is a minimum liability should be $50 and if you try to send something that is low from this will not be acceptable 
  • If the cargo service for domestic, then the maximum liability should not cross the $1500, and if the service is for domestic, then the maximum liability should not cross the $1000
  • You can send animal or pets too but that relies on the size of them

It is whole information about the American Airlines Cargo service. For any doubt and queries, you are free to contact them and learn more about this service. 

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