What’s the Value of Delta SkyMiles?

If you want to get information about the value of miles points in Delta Airlines, then you must also know that the points depend on the date & destination. The Delta SkyMiles Value Calculator works as each point is worth around 1.5 cents. You can redeem these points to book a flight to your desired destination or avail many benefits. Contact customer service for any problem or issue, and they will provide the information.

Benefits of Delta SkyMiles

Following are listed some of the benefits that you will get if you become a member of Delta SkyMiles:

  • Priority check-in - You get priority check-in at the airport, through which you can choose your preferred seat early and get the boarding pass.
  • Free checked bag - Delta SkyMiles allows its members to get one checked bag for free.
  • Discount on the ticket - You can use the miles points to get an extra discount while booking a ticket.
  • No Expiry date - There is no expiry date to miles points; you can use them anytime to make a flight reservation.
  • Free class upgrade - If you earn miles up to a certain point, then you can use them to upgrade your flight ticket to first class for free.
  • Book a flight - One of the main benefits of SkyMiles is that if you get enough points, you can also use them to book a flight to your preferred destination.

Steps to Become a Member of Delta SkyMiles

If you want to become a member of Delta SkyMiles, then no problem, as it is free to join, and you do not have to pay any charges. You have to fill out a form from the official website or the mobile app. If you want to know about the steps to become a member, then follow the given steps:

  • Open the official mobile app or the website of Delta Airlines.
  • Click on the “SkyMiles” section on the main menu.
  • Choose the option to become a member of the SkyMiles program.
  • Fill out the details as shown on the screen.
  • Then you will become a member and get a SkyMiles number that you can use while booking a flight to get the benefits.

Method to contact Delta SkyMiles customer service

If you want to get more information about the miles or need help with anything, then the best option is to contact customer service, and a representative will assist you. Delta SkyMiles is available 24/7 to help you. To get assistance through a phone call, you have to follow the given instructions:

  • Call Delta SkyMiles phone number from your registered number.
  • Select the language and the service in which you need help.
  • After that, you will get through with someone from customer service.
  • Discuss your query with the representative and explain your situation.
  • Then the customer service representative will provide you with information and assist you with your problem.

After reviewing the above information, you must know everything about Delta SkyMiles. For any help or information, you can contact customer service, who will provide you with the information, or visit the official website.

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