What is United 1K Customer?

Are you wondering what is united 1K customer is and how to get a united 1K customer? Then there is all the information that is related to the united 1K customer. Below are the benefits or advantages of the 1k status and also about the PQF  and PQP. Read all the below mentioned information. 

About PQF and PQP

Premier Qualifying Flight (PQF)- this means the number of flight segments flown. If you want to get this then you have to attend 4 flight segments on united or united express for the additional essentials. Flight segment means the takeoff and landing. If you travel on the basic economy ticket and the award travel then you can’t get the PQFs. 

Premier Qualifying points (PQP)- these points are based on the fare of the flight that add-on your carrier-imposed surcharges, also the seating purchase, and the payment upgradation. The partner airline of united is Air Dolomiti, Edelweiss Airline, Olympic Air,  Eurowings, and Azul Brazilian Airlines. 

How to be a united 1K customer?

If you want to get the united 1k custom then you have to follow the below-mentioned 4 flight segment on united or united express:-

  • You can earn the 1K flight from the eligible credit card- to earn the PQP is earned from the united MileagePlus credit card and also from the united explorer card. You will become the united 1K customer of your PQF is completed. 
  • To be a 1k customer to united then there is no requirement to earn status. So, you can just qualify with the PQP. 
  • The pluspoint has been extended in July month and automatically extended for additional six months.
  • You can directly start the PQP balance start to add the PQP to your miles stone account.

Benefits of 1K status:

The united premium is the top level of elite status that you will get in the airlines while traveling. With that, you will get all the benefits of the premium plus. Below are the following benefits that you will get when you achieve the united 1k customer service:-

  • The first one is pre-boarding. 
  • You can get the y-class and B-class tickets before the departure time of 1.5 hours. 
  • Also, the complementary premium upgrades as soon as 96 hours of the departure of the flight. 
  • If you are in the economy then you will get 1 free drink and snacks. 
  • In the united club lounges, you will get a $100 annual membership discount. 
  • Also, get the waived clear membership fee.
  • You will get 280 plus points.  
  • You will get the instant upgrade on the premium cabin on Y, B, or M class economy fare. 
  • There is no need to pay the extra charges if you cancel or make any changes to an award ticket within the departure of the flight that doesn’t originate within the US. 
  • You will get 11x extra miles per dollar on unites, united express, and the other selected flight partner. 

Terms and conditions of United 1K status:-

  • Those members who don’t show the flight and request the redeposit of the miles have the $125 redeposit fees and this is applied to all the members. 
  • There are some benefits if the star alliance silver status and the star alliance gold status are subject to change or rule of start alliance. 
  • The complimentary check is only allowed on united and united express that operate the flights. 

Hopefully, all the information related to what united 1K customer that mentioned above will be helpful and beneficial for you. There are some benefits if you reach that level while traveling with the united. 

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