What is the phone number for the Delta Platinum Medallion?

Sometimes passengers who are Platinum Medallion members get queries and questions in their traveling related to their complimentary upgrades, seat upgrades, waiving fees on baggage, and flight changes. So they want to know the phone number of Platinum medallion members to contact Delta Airlines officials. All passengers should read this information before contacting the Delta Airlines customer service team regarding Platinum Medallion membership.

How to contact the Delta customer service team for Delta Platinum Medallion?

Suppose a person is facing some issues in enjoying the benefits of Delta Platinum Medallion. In that case, he can directly call Delta Platinum Medallion Phone Number to connect with Delta Airlines officials. Delta Airlines provides dedicated customer service for Platinum Medallion members. You can dial this phone number - 800-323-2323 or +1 (802) 219-1212 from your mobile phone and then can get a solution by directly speaking to their live agent.  

Provide some advantages of Platinum Medallion members on Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines offers their Platinum Medallion members various benefits to enjoy their traveling. Some of their luxurious advantages are mentioned below in the given points:

  • People with Platinum Medallion Membership can enjoy complimentary upgrades in their seat upgradation from economy to business and first class. They can make seat upgrades through the manage booking page of Delta Airlines' official website.
  • Platinum Medallion members get more attention than gold, silver, and general SkyMiles on phone calls from Delta Airlines' customer service.
  • If a passenger is making some amendments to their booking on the same day of departure, he is not eligible to pay any flight change fee. They can change their flight via FlyDelta mobile application or their official web portal.
  • Platinum Medallion Members are allowed to carry one checked baggage for free on Delta flights or on their partner flight and do not need to pay any fee.
  • Passengers with Platinum Medallion status can earn more miles through their qualifying delta airlines flights.
  • On Platinum Medallion Membership, passengers can choose their customized advantages wherein they select their most preferred and desired items like upgrade certificates, Starbucks reward stars, vacation experience, travel vouchers, etc.
  • People with Delta Platinum Medallion status can edit and change their reservations unlimited times.
  • Platinum Medallion members will get priority in check-in with Delta Airlines and receive VIP treatment on the flight and at the airport.
  • Passengers can enjoy additional meals and soft drinks with a Platinum Medallion membership on their Delta Airlines flight.
  • On Platinum Medallion Members, passengers can enjoy traveling on Delta flights since they provide comfortable seats, extra leg rooms, and more passenger space.
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