Can you make Group Booking with a Turkish Airlines?

The Turkish airline provides different options of flight facilities to their customers. They can change their seats and cabin or modify the complete flight details. The airline provides the best traveling class at affordable rates so that it will be feasible for you to take you and your loved ones to lovely destinations. 

The airline allows their customers to have a peaceful journey with their family and friends as the Turkish airline permits their passengers to take up to 7 passengers on international flights and up to 9 passengers on domestic flights in case of a group booking. 

Certain guidelines are important while booking flight tickets for a group.

Turkish Airlines Group Booking Policy 

  • If an individual booked a flight ticket with more than ten passengers on the same flight, then the booking shall fall under group flight booking.
  • If the booking is made under two or more individual PNR, it will fall under the hidden group category.
  • These bookings are related to ADM, and a charge of 50 Euro flat fee has to be paid by each passenger in case of international flight booking, and if it is a domestic flight, then the airline may charge you 150 Euro ADM per domestic passenger. 
  • You can avoid rejection while booking an individual ticket with a passive status code in the case of a group booking. So it is necessary to add the TCP (to complete party) details to that passive PNR.

Advantages of Turkish airlines group booking 

If you booked the ticket for a group, then certain benefits can help you get a comfortable journey that will flatter you and your partners from head to toe. You can go through the benefits of this article mentioned below.

  • The airline provides a choice in sanctioning the flight.
  • If a traveler travels with a group, you can get catering services such as refreshments.
  • The airline favors you for the schedule of the flight. Moreover, you will get priority during check-in at the airport.
  • You will get faster updates regarding your flight booking, and the airline provides a particular associate of your group.

Anyhow, due to some occasions, if you need to take more than nine passengers, then you are required to connect with Turkish airline travel authorities.

You can book a flight on Turkish airlines for group travel with the help of the procedure discussed below.

The steps are very simple and quick, with no need for guidance. 

Turkish airlines group booking procedure

  • Search for the official website of the Turkish airline.
  • Then move to the 'book tickets' and choose the flight type from the different categories.
  • Now enter all the necessary flight details in the blanks like departure time, destination, and arrival schedule. Then, you need to select suitable travel dates and cabins.
  • You can choose the passenger's number (adults and infants), select the compartments for all your travelers, and tap on the search button.
  • At last, the page will show you all the flight options according to your filled information and details.
  • Finally, after selecting your suitable flight, you need to submit the passenger's details (identity and other legal citizen ids)

Be double-sure regarding the contact details because an error can ruin your journey.

  • You will redirect to the payment page option where you need to make a payment regarding your booking through different modes of payment.

So these are some necessary information regarding the Turkish Airlines Group Booking. If you have any doubt, you can call Turkish airlines customer support 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1 (802) 636-9417, and the respective person will make you understand everything.

How does Flight Group Booking Work on Turkish Airlines?

If you are travelling with a group of ten or more, Turkish Airlines group booking can be the best option for you. In the article, we will discuss the group booking procedure of Turkish Airlines; you can check this out to have a smooth booking experience.

Here is the quick procedure for Turkish Airlines group booking 

  • Open the browser and go to the Turkish Airlines' official website 
  • Go to the flight booking page on the homepage and select the trip type from different categories; here, you can choose Group booking 
  • You will jump to the group booking page, access the group booking request form 
  • You can provide all the relevant details of passengers and others on the form and submit 
  • Soon, the Turkish agent from the group reservation department will provide quotations 
  • If the quotations and other details are OK, you can confirm the booking 
  • Remember that the complete passenger list should be finalised 30 days before departure. 
  • Once done, you will get a reservation email that contains the PNR number, passenger details, and fare basis. 

Conclusion:  You can easily make a Turkish Airlines group booking by following the steps discussed above. For more information or to avoid any confusion, log into your account and get access to personalised support. 

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